I have my first ancestor on my fam/tree residing in North Crubasdale
Killean/Kilchenzie,Argyll. farmer/tenant on leased land of 'Duke Argyll'
listed on 'Duke's 1792 Census' with wife & kids,as such;

Glibert Ramsay;(b)31.May, 1736.Edinburgh Parish,Midlothian
Catherine MacMillan;(b) 1840.?,,marriage date/place,parents,
Gilbert son of James Ramsay & Margaret m/s Carmichael;(mar)
17 Nov,1718 Edinb/Par;Edinb/Midlothian; siblings;-

James Ramsay(c)13Sept,1719; Edinb/Parish;
Elizabeth " " 13Sept,1719 " " (twin.?)
Margaret " " 7May,1721 " " (died.?)
Margaret " " 31Jan,1723 " " (mar-'John Thomson)
Anne " " 25Feb,1726 " "

Seeking info on marriage of 'Gilbert & Catherine';children; time
they moved to "Argyll", date of their death,place,,,,,

Any ideas,clues,help,greatly appreciated,,,thx

Kind regards;