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Thread: jolleys again

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    Default jolleys again

    Having no luck with my other searches i am now going to try and trace another family member.

    Letitia jolley 1902 married albert jones 1901. They married in 1921 in chester at st michaels. They had 1 daughter marjorie jones 1922 born in hawarden, flintshire. My father remembers as a young child going to visit them in shotton. Albert worked at the john summer steel mills. I would like to trace marjorie or her family. Marjorie married someone in the RAF and they were posted to malta, according to my father. I have checked the bmd's for cheshire and wales and there are so many marjories. Presuming she married around 18,19,20,21 years of age there are still to many. How would i go about narrowing the field down. There is of course also the very small chance that marjorie is still alive. My father was very close to her mother letitia, although he has not many memories of marjorie. Ancestry has lots on WW1 but the husband would have been in WW2. Any help much appreciated.

    Cheers yvette.

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    I found this website by chance,er-Google, you may find someone to match the prospective spouses for Marjorie, or other news of their time on Malta. If not it's an excellent site just to browse around.
    I'll be going back when I've finished other things.
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