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    Jo from Australia

    Default Shoreditch Workhouse look up

    is there anyone who would have a look to see if there is any information on a Harriet Branton who birthed a baby called Henry William in the Shoreditch Workhouse in 1856 - 26th of September to be exact. There is no father on the birth cert that I have, and just wonderd if there was any further info about Harriet and/or her son listed in any records the workhouse may have had. even her age at the time of Henry's birth would be great!

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    I think I have found Harriet in the 1851 census, she was a servent for the Ware family in Shoreditch. This shows her as 14 so she would have been 18/19 when her son was born

    Harriet Branton 14
    Mary A Ware 23
    Mary A L Ware 1
    William Ware 3
    William B Ware 26

    however on the 1841 Census it would appear she was born in 1831 not 1837 so not sure if her age is correct they also lived in Shoreditch

    Name Age
    Ann Branton 50
    Emma Branton 20
    Harriet Branton 10
    Isabella Branton 15
    William Branton 50
    William Branton 12

    I don't kow if this is of any help but it could fill in some of the gaps.


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    Jo from Australia


    Hi Sue,
    there was another Harriett (double t) in the 1851 census who was born Whitechapel....not too far from Shoreditch. The ages are similar as is the names. I dont rule out typos these days!!

    Someone very kindly looked up soemthing for me in the workhouse records for another ancestor and it gave some great info. I hoped that a look up for this birth might give me something else...

    thanks anyway!


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