I am wondering if any of you out there who has access to the CD data disks for Shropshire and/or Staffordshire confirm something for me.

My ancestor, James Talbot, born at Oswestry in 1691 and resided at Cheswardine, Shrops, married Mary Hazledine, previously of Adbaston at Wem, Shrops on the 16th February 1715. James is listed as the son of Thomas Talbot and Elizabeth.

The only marriage I can find that will be relevant is the one that toook place on the 21st July 1688 at Hinstock between Thomas Talbot and ELizabeth Vigers (born at Betley, Staffs, 23rd April 1656). My problem is trying to track down which Thomas Talbot married Elizabeth. IGI lists four possibilities:

1. Thomas Talbot - born 1 May 1657, christened 25th May 1657 at Worfield, Shropshire, son of Thomas Talbott and Katherine/Catherine (probably Paston)

2. Thomas Talbot - christened 14th June 1658, Haughton, Staffs, son of Thomas Talbot and Anne

3. Thomas Talbot - christened 14th August 1664, Pattingham, Staffs, son of John Talbot and Jane

4. Thomas Talbot - christened 29th July 1665, Rodington, Shropshire, son of James Talbot.

Hope someone can help me with this "thomas" headache.

Steven Blackwell