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    Default John Walwin Atkinson

    I am the granddaughter of John Walwin Atkinson. His son, Edward Robert Atkinson,( born September 26, 1910 in Montreal, his mothers name was Kate Beagley, now deceased), is my father. Thru searching the internet I found this forum. I had discovered that my grandfather was born on Maultius. But that is where our knowledge ends. We have been unable to learn anything else about either of my grandparents.
    Anything anyone can pass on to me (I would like to know how to get a copy of his birth certificate for one thing) I will greatly appreciate.
    You can email me directly at rosjdavis AT triad DOT rr DOT com I am also on Facebook but, quite frankly, am not too good at it!
    Best Regards
    Rosann Atkinson Davis
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