Hello All
I wonder if someone can help with following I cant find the birth or baptism of my gt,gt, grandfather John Robson he was born 1839/40.
what is odd is that I have all of his brothers and sister's pre1837 baptisms and 1837 post Birth Registrations,John was the 6th child born to this family, his parents were John Robson and Eleanor Urwin, in fact his sister Margaret was born Oct 1841 at Hetton-le-hole and was registered 9 days after her birth.
the family lived in Hetton in 1841 and john was aged 1 year old in 1851
the family lived in Sunderland and he is aged 11, he married in 1860 and says he was 22 i think this was because his wife was 9 years older and he upped his age.
on the 1861 census he is aged 23 and born Bishopwearmouth and he was also living there.
John died May 1865 aged 26
I have checked his brothers and sisters place's of birth on census's 1851-1901
and found that even though they moved out of the area they gave there correct places of birth, with evidence of the Baptisms and Registrations I have.
This make me think John was born in Bishopwearmouth as on 1861 Census.
the parents obviously told there children the correct places of birth.
I have checked the Baptisms at Bishopwearmouth Sunderland Hetton and even Newcastle but no luck.
It is a strange one, maybe someone can shed some light on this.

Allan Robson