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    Entry via Territorial Army?????

    Hello, MaryC, and a very warm welcome to BritGen

    One possible explanation might be that the young man had been in the Territorial Army; I have, though, not researched this fully. Instead, I will...
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    Good morning, mb3700, and a very warm welcome to...

    Good morning, mb3700, and a very warm welcome to Brit Gen..

    I was delighted to read your post, because it helps to answer the question: "What happened to Charles Ezard?" You say he founded the...
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    In a similar vein...

    I attended an all-girls' school in the 1960s (so that dates me!). There was a VIth form production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, which includes the characters of 'Botswain' and 'Botswain's Mate'. To...
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    Polish Forces in Scotland website

    Good evening, and a very warm welcome to Brit Gen...

    Well, this is an interesting enquiry, so I did a quick search and came upon a useful website that lists the locations of the different Polish...
  5. Just a great big HUG of humanity, with tears....

    Just a great big HUG of humanity, with tears. That's all. Owl
  6. Good morning, Beth If you are sure that...

    Good morning, Beth

    If you are sure that this is your Thomas Morris, then I suggest that you check him out in the 1911 Census. He would have been about 19 or so on census date, so probably...
  7. Army Service Corps, perhaps(?)

    Hello, Bethgw, and a very warm welcome to Brit Gen

    It is difficult to identify the badge because of the poor resolution of the photograph. You said, though, that your grandmother had told you that...
  8. A further thought - if the owner of the hussif...

    A further thought - if the owner of the hussif noted in the 1828 paper was a seamstress, she might well have used it for the money she earned as well as for the small tools of her trade. IF that was...
  9. My Hussif

    Here are photographs of my hussif, which is loaded with family history - as I will explain:

    Here it is open:
  10. It's pronounced 'hussif', and when I am not quite...

    It's pronounced 'hussif', and when I am not quite so tired I'll take a photograph of mine and post it. As Christina has found out, it is for needles/threaded needles, a few pins, a small pair of...
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    'Jennie' for 'Jane'?

    I think that 'Jennie' might be the name that is actually used in place of 'Jane'. I say this because my own great-grandmother (1849-1925) was christened 'Jane Elizabeth' but was always known as...
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    'Segue' to your merry dance?

    Well, this is just an intuitive guess, my own French not having progressed beyond O Level - never mind how long ago(!):

    The word 'segue', a musical term meaning 'to follow on', was coined from the...
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    Perkins DNA Studies/Projects

    Hello again

    A bit of rooting around has turned up some Perkins DNA projects, which might be of interest:

    And then there is this one,...
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    Perkins One-Name Study

    Good evening...

    Go to the website of the Guild of One-Name Studies and enter PERKINS in the search box. You will find that the surname is now registered as a One-Name Study....
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    Chair-making in the Chilterns

    Hello, again...

    I think the info unearthed in the census records re-enforces the likelihood that Uncle was from a family of carpenters/wood-workers etc. His background is exactly right for the...
  16. Now research 'Stratford'

    Hello again...

    Thanks for this information - good to know that you know some names. Every little helps, as the grocer says!

    I suggest that you temporarily put the frame research to one side and...
  17. Memorial photo frame??

    Good evening, all...

    Have been following this from the sidelines. When I read the initial post, on 15th(?), my first thought was that the item was a photograph frame made to commemorate a soldier...
  18. Thread: Smile

    by thewideeyedowl

    Foibles of speech

    Good evening to you all...

    I think that 'Happy' is easy to explain here. As Hellachau has already said, there could be an element of mis-hearing but I suspect it was a problem with aspirate ('h')...
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    HK Royal Naval Dockyard during WW2

    Hi Paul and all...

    Intrigued by this thread, I keyed 'Hong Kong Royal Naval Dockyard Police' into a search engine and quite a lot came up. Of the links I then followed, the most interesting seems...
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    Devon Heritage website

    Hi and welcome

    Lots of info on the Devon Heritage website. This should take you to hotels with bombing dates:...
  21. Hi all... My guess is that School 1 either...

    Hi all...

    My guess is that School 1 either miscopied the record or perhaps wrote illegibly and School 2 simply entered the info as it was presented/as they read it.

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    Catholic diocese of Clifton

    This is getting interesting...

    As Margaret's baptism was recorded in Latin, I think it is likely that she was baptised a Catholic in a catholic church. The catholic diocese of Clifton is headed by...
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    Margaret SHINE, b 1839

    Good afternoon all...

    So the background of Margaret Shyne isn't quite right - point taken. I have just tried FreeBMD for M* SHINE and, lo, this entry tops the list of eight registrations between...
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    Hello and welcome to BritGen... FreeBMD show...

    Hello and welcome to BritGen...

    FreeBMD show that the birth of a Margaret Shyne was registered in Bemondsey (part of London) in the last quarter of 1847. This is the ref: SHYNE, Margaret/ Dec Qtr...
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    Photo and map references

    Hello all...

    You can find a photograph of Bridgwick Pit on Blipfoto:

    There is also a photo on Geograph, but it concentrates on the chalk...
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