Genealogy Beginners

Genealogy Beginners

genealogy for beginners

Everyone has to start from somewhere when it comes to starting the search that is their family tree. All of the ‘experts’ that you see today were once at the same stage you are currently at right now! It is an exciting time as you begin your ancestry adventure, however it is no easy task.

It is a daunting thought to have, as you stand at the foot of your family tree. Where do you begin? Which route (pardon the pun) do you take first? What if your family doesn’t expand as much as you were hoping it would have? These are all questions that have been asked many times before you. Luckily, one of our forum members has listed some useful websites that have helped them in the past and could help you too.

1. – A website more for searching up possible baptisms or marriages, however with some vague time phrases, it is a good place to start.
2. – Looking for birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates? This is your place!
3. – An always increasing listing of parish registers within England, Wales and Scotland
4. – This is very similar to the link above however focuses on the census rather than parish registers

There are obviously many more websites to start your search at, however these are some which our forum users find most helpful, and we hope it helps you as well!
Also the original thread was posted by Pam Downes and that can be viewed here:…-of-essentials

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