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    Default HMS Marvel and Victory II

    Hi there! I am researching into a member of my family who was a stoker in the Royal Navy during the First World War. I have recently attained his service records and am trying to learn about the following:

    His first posting was to Victory II. Can anyone shead any light onto this?
    His first ship was HMS Marvel. Can anyone give me any details about this ship as I cannot seem to find much.

    Any help will be most appreciated!

    Thanks, Alex

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    Quote Originally Posted by apeck
    His first posting was to Victory II. Can anyone shead any light onto this?
    This was recently dicussed, see the thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by apeck
    His first ship was HMS Marvel. Can anyone give me any details about this ship as I cannot seem to find much.
    HMS Marvel - M class destroyer, launched 1915(?) as part of the emergency war programme, sold/scrapped around 1921. Length abt 270 ft, 3x4inch guns, 1x2pdr, 4 Torpedo tubes, crew 80. Three funnels, speed about 34 kts.

    The National Maritime Museum has some photos of the ship. From their online catalogue, the following appears to be the best shot N16674 (4S) B 1916 Anchored at Scapa Flow. Pendant G20
    Copies are available from NMM


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    Hi Alex,

    I see Geoffers has given you much of the info I was going to post but, at the risk of duplication, here I go.

    VICTORY II was the Crystal Palace/Sydenham training depot for the Royal Naval Division from 1914 and in Naval parlance was 'paid off' on 21st March 1919. It was also known as HMS Crystal Palace. It appears not to have existed prior to 1914. Shore establishments are often known as 'stone' or 'concrete frigates'.

    HMS Marvel was a destroyer commissioned on 7th October 1915 and sold for scrapping in May 1921. She served in the Battle of Jutland in 1916 and your relative would have seen some real action at that time. She is not listed as a casualty in any way so, presumably, came through unscathed.

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    Thanks for all this information! It is really helpful!


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    Default H.m.s. Marvel Ww1 M Class Destroyer At Scapa Flow

    I Am Researching Family History The Following May Be Of Interest
    My Late Grandfather Maurice E.T.Baker Also Served On HMS Marvel. (as Part Of The Engineering Crew). From November 1915 To April 1916 As These Ships Appear To Be Quite Compact I Would Imagine Everybody Quite Probably Knew Each Other On Board.
    HMS Marvel Was With The 12th Destroyer Flotilla At Scapa Flow Under The Command Of Lieutenant Commander Reginald W. Grubb.
    I Believe She Saw Action On June The 1st 1916 At The Battle Of Jutland.
    I Have Not As Yet Been To The National Archives Or Obtained Photos From The National Maritime Museum But Will Hopefully In Due Course.
    I Have Always Been Led To Believe That My Grandfather Went On To Fight At Jutland, However, In Reality He Was Torpedoed (yes, seriously) By One Of HMS Marvels Own 21 Inch Weapons That Fired Off Accidentally Across The Deck! Obviously He Was Seriously Injured Out Of The War But Eventually Recovered To Fight Another War. Please Find Injury Account As Witnessed By Captain R.W. Grubb Which I Am E-mailing To You. Hope You May Find Some Of This Interesting As We both seem to have had an ancestor in the same place at a particular time.

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    Smile HMS Marvel, 1916

    Hello Alex,
    I am giving a talk to our local Officers Club this afternoon about the accidental sinking of destroyer HMS Hoste in the North Sea on 21 December 1916.

    HMS Marvel, commanded by Cdr. E.A.Holman, affected a brilliant feat of seamanship in coming alongside the sinking Hoste in terrible seas and rescuing the latter's crew, foc'sle to foc'sle, with both ships rolling 45 degrees and in 30 ft seas. This is recorded in a book first published in 1931 by "Taffrail" titled "Endless Story".

    Neville Peach;

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    The crew list of HMS Marvel at the Battle of Jutland.
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