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    Default Administration (with Will)

    I have never ordered a copy of a will, so you'll have to bear with me. Could someone explain what "Administration (with Will)" means in the probate calendar? If I order this, would I be able to read a copy of my relative's full will, or would it just be administration papers?

    Also - when they ask for "Registry Location", I assume that's the location written at the very end of the entry before the amount of money the person left and who they left it to? In my case, this would be London.

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    Administration with will should mean that the will is available to download, but that either no executor was named, or the executor(s) are not dealing with the will (often because they have died or are infirm now themselves).

    The layout of the probate entries have changed over time, but the registry location is generally towards the end of the entry and is often in bold. The people named in the probate are not necessarily who the money was left to, but are the names of the people granted probate or administration, ie the people who are authorised to deal with the estate.


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