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    Default Reintroducing myself

    I have not used this site as a research tool for quite a few years. I had actually put in a google search for an elusive Welsh ancestor and a post popped up from this site. I got quite excited until I realised the post was mine from 2018 on this site.
    So, I am Jan, I live in Australia but was born in York and grew up in Blackpool. I have ancestors in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Scotland, Norfolk, Wales, Ireland and a few others places.
    I have been researching seriously for quite a few years. I have a Diploma in Family History from UTAS which means I should know how to research the right way but I get lazy and I don't.
    I am still on the trail of my Pentrifelin Powell ancestors, knowing a tiny bit more than I did when I first asked for help. I have discovered new ancestors and new places and have quite a few brick walls to work through. I am looking forward to reigniting my love of family history rather than treating it as a chore.

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    Welcome back, Jan. Enjoy your return!


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