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    This thread provides a range of data on Albert Aaron Goldsmid 1846-1933 and Phoebe Hart 1844-1909. There are numbers of Ancestry Public Family Trees which have details on the lines but numbers have failed to identify Phoebe Hart and her parents/siblings.

    I have previously posted threads on Goldsmid and Hart lines:
    Albert Aaron Goldsmid-UK and Australian lines started 21.6.2008 ( I omitted a range of data); Michael Goldsmid -Phoebe (Unknown last name) 26.6.2019; Abraham Jacob Jones-Sophia Goldsmid 1.7.2017;Percy Harry Goldsmid 1870-1948 4.5.2016;Rebecca Goldsmid 1872-1934-Joseph Salmon 29.4.2016;Edna Phoebe Goldsmid 1903-1977 24.4.2016;Esther Franks 1882-1979 22.4.2016; Aaron Hart-Rebecca Crawcour 12.7.2014; Dr Joseph Albert Goldsmid 1869-1955 17.10.2011

    There are a range of sources on the lines including The Australian Jewish Historical Society Journal; Jewish Chronicle; The Jewish Victorian. Genealaogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1861-70; 1871-80 transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger 2 volumes 1999, 2004 Pub Robert Boyd; JewishGen UK Data base 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base ; Australian Newspaper Archives (Trove Collection; Synagogue and Cemetery Scribes data bases including mini family trees among others.

    With regard to Phoebe Hart it is important to note that she left the UK with several of her siblings and settled in Australia. There are living relatives of the lines in the UK and Australia and I have posted on their ancestors and researched the lines for over two decades.

    The parents of Albert Aaron Goldsmid were Joseph Goldsmid 1810-1865 and Celia Jacobs 1811-1888. They appear on the JewishGen 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base ID 27668- his father Michael Goldsmid. Joseph Goldsmid was married twice-1 Fanny Mordecai married in 1831 2 Celia Jacobs 1836.

    Albert Aaron Goldsmid was born GRO Birth Index D qtr 1845 East London Union 2 215

    I will post further.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following data provides links to the Hart and Crawcour lines with a focus on Phoebe Hart and her great grandparents, grandparents, siblings.

    Her great grandparents were Eva/Eve Myers (maiden name unknown)and Jacob Myers.Eve/Eva died age 91 at 62 Leman Street London in 1844. She was a widow in the 1841 Census. There is no data on Jacob Myers other than he was a merchant. In the 1841 Census Eve/Eva is living with her daughter Phoebe Hart and Phoebe's children at 62 Leman Street.See Cemetery Scribes Phoebe Myers 1786 -1869and her husband Henry Hart 1786-1833 (Tsebi Hirsh b Baruch b Jacob Tsebi (see Synagogue Scribes for their marriage and the Hambro Burial Record for Eve/Eva Myers-Hambro Synagogue).

    The parents of Phoebe Hart 1844-1909 ID 1966 Cemetery Scribes were Aaron Hart ID 1963 1811-1887 and Ann Rebecca Crawcour ID 1964 1823-1867- her parents David Crawcour ID 7035 1791-1882 and Amelia Barnes 1801-1870 *** I have posted on David Crawcour and his children - his son Isaac Crawcour who married Esther Cashmore have living relatives in Australia and there are Crawcour living relatives in South Africa who descend also from David Crawcour and like myself there are UK Crawcour descendants of David.

    The siblings of Phoebe Hart were:
    Amelia 1841-1928 married Henry Chapman Hart 1838-1919 ( son of John Hart-Elizabeth Jacobs)
    Anne aka Annie 1850-1875
    Henry 1847-1914 married twice and settled in Australia*** I have posted on him and his wives and his daughter
    Eve aka Eva 1848-1907 married Emil Hammer 1857-1907 - she died in Honolulu and left no descendant** see my post on her
    Gertrude 1850-1913 married Louis Courlander- I have posted on the Courlander
    Samuel 1850 - he was alive in the 1861 Census but I have not been able to identify him post 1861
    John 1852-1853 died as an infant
    Flora 1855-1906 married Lewis Levey and died in Honolulu leaving 6 children as orphans - I have posted on Flora and Lewis- their descendants live in the USA
    Rosina aka Rosie 1857-1942 remained a spinster and settled in NSW with some of her siblings
    Bernard 1859-1929 married Rachel Pyke 1867-1944 Settled in NSW and left descendants- I have posted on Bernard and Rachel
    Grace 1861-1926 married William Henry Hanson 1856-1929 -she settled in Fitzroy Victoria and has living descendants- I have posted on her line
    Napthali Asher aka Asher 1858-died unknown married Edmee Richards 1862-1897- I have posted on the line and living descendants.

    I will post further data.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    In the following post I will provide census data on the grandmother, mother and siblings of Aaron Hart father of Phoebe Hart:
    1841 Census (Copyright TNA) HO107 716 9 6 34 12 17
    62 Leman Street Whitechapel
    John Hart 30 Boot maker born in county
    Moss Hart 20
    Napthali Hart 20 Watch maker
    Phoebe Hart 50 indep *** she is the widowed mother of Aaron and his siblings. As previously posted she married Henry Hart
    Bella 20 ** Bella married Josiah Solomon
    Julia Hart 20
    Sarah Hart 15
    Caroline Hart 14
    Leah Hart 13 *** she married Herman Wulfson
    Eva MYERS 85 Foreign Birth *** She is the grandmother and her husband was Jacob Myers Merchant

    All born in county except Eva Myers

    Nb I have posted on each of the siblings

    John Hart and his brother Aaron were partners in A and J Hart Shoe and Boot Manufacturers and traded in the UK and overseas.
    Their brother Napthali age 16 went to West Maitland NSW to develop the family business. He wrote at leat 2 letters from West Maitland in 1842/43 to his sister Bella who had recently married Josiah Solomon. These letters are held in the University of Southampton Collections - see Salaman line.
    Nb Importantly in his letters Napthali ( who was to die young-I hold a copy of his death certificate) referred to cousins,uncles,aunts but did not name them. I have data on each of the children of Phoebe Myers/Henry Hart but to date I have no data on who these relatives might be or where they originated. It is likely that there are unknown relatives of my lines.

    1851 Census (Copyright TNA) HO107 1552 294 21
    27 Bedford Square Mile End Middlesex
    Aaron Hart HM 40 Shoe Manufacturer employing 13 men b Whitechapel
    Rebecca wife 28 b St Lukes *** Her maiden name CRAWCOUR. I hold a copy of her marriage certificate
    Amelia da 10 b Whitechapel
    Anne dau 8 and a half b Whitechapel
    Phoebe dau 7 ** She married Aalbert Aaron Goldsmid
    Henry son 4 b Stepney
    Eve dau 3 b Stepney
    Gertrude dau 1 b Stepney
    +1 servant

    1861 Census (Copyright TNA)RG9 357 7 14
    Rose Lawn Cottage Kennington Oval Lambeth Surrey

    Aaron Hart HM Export shoe manufacturer b Whitechapel
    Rebecca wife 39 b St.Lukes
    Amelia dau 20 unmarried b Mile End
    Annie da 15 b Mile End
    Phoebe 17 b Mile End
    Henry son 14 b Mile End

    Eva dau 12 b Mile End
    Gertrude dau 12 b Mile End
    Samuel son 10 *** He is the remaining child I have been unable to identify further post this census
    Flora dau 5 b Surrey Kennington
    Rosina dau 4 b Surrey Kennington
    Napthali A son 2 b Surrey Kennington ** I have been unable to clearly identify his death
    Bernard son 1 b Surrey Kennington
    Grace dau 2 mths b Surrey Kennington
    +1 nurse and 1 servant

    1871 Census (Copyright TNA) RG10 675 135 11
    356 Kennington Road Lambeth
    Aaron Hart H Widower 62 Shoe manufacturer b London
    Eva dau u 21
    Gertrude dau u 19
    Flora dau 15
    Rosina dau 13
    Asher son 12 ** He is Napthali Asher Hart aka Arthur Roberts. He changed his name and religion when he joined the Army. I have posted considerable data on him and his 2 children plus step daughters
    Bernard son 11
    Grace dau 10
    Constance granddaughter 5 - She is the daughter of Amelia Hart/Henry Chapman Hart. She married Pietro aka Albert Santa Maria and settled in Rome

    I will post further.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following GRO Certificates were bought in 2003/2004 and form a small part of the documents I have collated on my Hart/Crawcour/Jacobs and associated families world wide.

    19 May 1844
    62 Leman Street Whitechapel
    EVE MYERS age 91 Wife of Jacob Myers Deceased Merchant Cause of Death Decay of Nature Informant Aaron Hart present at death 62 Leman Street Whitechapel Registered 14 May 1844

    14 Windsor Place City Road Parish of St.Lukes Middlesex
    11 March 1840
    AARON HART full age Bachelor Shoe maker 62 Leman Street Goodmans Fields father Dead

    REBECCA CRAWCOUR Minor Spinster 14 Windsor Place City Road -father DAVID CRAWCOUR Merchant
    Married according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Jewish Religion

    1 December 1867
    Cornwall House Kennington Green
    REBECCA HART 46 Wife of Aaron Hart a Boot Manufacturer Cause of death Diabetes Mellitus 3 years;Consumption several months
    Informant Aaron Hart present at death Cornwall House Kennington Green Registered 3 December 1867

    St.Mary Paddington Middlesex

    7 March 1887 36 Marylands Road
    AARON HART 78 Gentleman Cause of Death Senile Decay; Exhaustion
    Informant Napthali Asher Hart son presnt at death 36 Marylands Road Registered 8 March 1887

    I will post further.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following data is taken from The Jewish Victorian.Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1861-70 ; 1871-1880 transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger,1999 and 2004 Robert Boyd Publisher:

    Marriage-9.9.1868 at Cornwall House Kennington Green SE the residence of the bride's father -Albert A Goldsmid son of the late Mr J Goldsmid to Phoebe third daughter of Aaron Hart.
    Births 4.11.1869 at West End Hammersmith a son;birth 24.11.1870 at West End Hammersmith a son,Saturday 27.7.1872 at West End Hammersmith a daughter.

    There are a range of references to family members and relationships in the Newspaper records including-Death of Lionel Goldsmid; Rosina Mendelssohn sister;Miriam Goldsmid sister in law; Samuel Mendelssohn brother in law; the parents of Albert Aaron Goldsmid -Joseph and Celia; sister in law Amelia Hart and her husband Henry Chapman Hart

    More data to follow
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"


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