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    Default WW1 help with pension, ledger and index card

    My enquiry concerns my husband's (John) grandfather and his service during WW1 - John recalls that his grandfather served in German East Africa. His details are as follows:

    Harry Ainscough, born in Southport in 1889.
    Royal Army Service Corps
    Service number: M2/188890 Rank: Private
    31 Devonshire Road, Southport, Lancashire

    I am really hoping that somewhere within the record details above there may be an indicator to which Company of the ASC Harry enlisted - as I believe I need to know that in order to access the War Diaries for his time in German East Africa.

    I am a member of Find My Past, Myheritage and Ancestry plus National Archives and Western Front (with fold3 access) - unfortunately my lack of knowledge re WW1 and/or my lack of ‘searching skills’ (particularly with Fold3 records) means that I either can’t find the records that I am looking for (and that should be there), or that I can’t fully understand what I do find - so I am hoping someone will be able to help me and/or point me in another direction.

    First of all, to the information I have found:

    1 Nominal Index of All Personnel Serving in a Theatre of War 1914-1919… no questions.

    2 Roll of individuals entitled to the Victory Medal and British War Medal… the first column of this roll shows Harry’s regiment as M2/188890 - I would like to know what the M2 in his regiment number indicates please.

    3. Forces War records form S.B.36 - part of Pensions Ledgers and Index Cards..
    - Regional No. on form is shown as 3/MS No. 1337. What does this mean?
    Does it give any indication about which Company of the Army Service Corp Harry served in?
    What does ‘due to 20%’ mean in practice and how long would it apply?

    4. Medal Roll index card. In the Roll column of this card J. 2829 it shows ‘RASC/101’ and then either B153, B133, or could even be B103. Can anyone shed any light into theses references please

    5. WW1 Pension Ledgers and index cards.. This is probably the most confusing of the records to me. First of all, I know the record is correct, because it shows the correct address and personnel number. In the bottom left of the card is a stamp with some handwritten information on it, I can see that Harry was awarded 8 shillings, between 17/10/19 and 27/4/20 but I cannot tell if that is payable weekly or monthly. Within the stamped area is written 2/ASC (or may be Z/ASC) 5788, any ideas?

    - also above and outside the stamped box is handwritten 16.10.19 and the reference S?B 91648 (the ? means the letter is not legible to me), the ‘reference mark’ has a strike through it.

    Finally, this card has a black triangle on the top right hand side and above AINSCOUGH in red writing it says Dead RCE 23-1-??.
    ‘Our’ Harry Ainscough of 31 Devonshire Road Southport (in 1919) died in 1968.

    Thank you

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    Good Morning , if you look at at your GWF post , if you haven't already , you will see a lot of your questions have been answered , however for the sake of others that have seen this post and like me also look to learn new information , please see below ,

    ref Michelle
    M2 means mechanical transport . Dead means the claim is dead, not the individual.
    ref Russ
    There is a fragment of a record in FMP that states he had come from No 7 Coy for Lorry Driving Instruction - with others from other ASC Companies.
    He wasn't in a Regiment - he was in a specifically-named Corps - the Army Service Corps. They gained the honorific "Royal" shortly after the war.
    Z/ASC which refers that he was discharged on 16/10/1919 to the Class Z Army Reserve (see LLT) and his Pension Claim was administered through the so-called Z-scheme.
    I believe No 7 Coy ASC was a Horse Transport Company in a Divisional Train - in France.

    Keep researching everyone , its important for our future generations .

    Good luck with the rest of your research


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