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    This is a follow post to the previous data on Irene Blumenthal aka Brent 1899-1973

    The data relates to her marriage and the subsequent marriage of her husband Denis David Gabriel Israel 1899-1959.
    GRO Marriage Index Irene Brent-Denis D G Israel April qtr.1926 1c 71 London City

    1939 Register (Copyright TNA)
    20 Kensington Mansions London
    Denis D G Israel b 21 Feb 1899 Public relations officer married Board of Deputies of British Jews ARP Warden Part time- served 17 Royal Fusiliers

    Irene Brent b 21 August 1899 Married Deed Poll name change from Israel to Brent 12.6.1943

    The London Gazette
    18 May 1943
    Irene Israel Alban Court Hotel Kensington London assumed surname Brent 12 May 1943

    Probate Irene Brent Hundred Acres Banstead Surrey died 30 Nov 1973 £9706

    Nb This address appears to be Banstead Hospital which was opened in 1877 as Banstead Asylum and closed 1986.

    See Lost Hospitals of London online which has data on the asylum and its name change and numbers of patients.

    GRO Death Index
    Denis D G Israel age 60 April qtr 1959 Paddington 5d 161.

    He was to re-marry -GRO Marriage Index Sept qtr.1943 Denis D G Israel Kensington 1a 343 to Cecily N Lyons; Cecily N Dolphin; Cecily N Cavendish Nb All the surnames are listed under the same index number.
    Further research has identified Cecily Norah LYONS ( maiden name Lyons)

    GRO Marriage Certificate
    Parish Church Saint John Notting Hill London

    26 December 1924
    Charles Benjamin DOLPHIN 29 Bachelor Leaf tobacco merchants Representative father Benjamin Joseph Dolphin sales manager

    Cecily Norah LYONS 25 Spinster 4 Ladbroke Square father Thomas Samuel Lyons decd Accountant

    Witnesses W J Lyons; Ada Y Lyons; ? Dolphin

    See British Newspaper Archives- Petition for Divorce -Charles Benjamin Dolphin Mansfield Road Ilford against Mrs Cecily Nora Dolphin on grounds of adultery with Captain Hornsted

    Daily News 21 May 1930

    Cecily Norah Lyons daughter of Thomas Samuel Lyons 1869-1924 b Kingstonen? Ireland and Ada Frances Anderson 1869-1943 - in the 1911 Census Cecily is 11 b Kilburn London living with her parents 66 Wellesley Road Ilford

    Charles Benjamin Dolphin parents Benjamin Joseph Walter Dolphin 1874-1964 and Henrietta Velt 1876-1952

    1939 Register (Copyright TNA)
    AMA Barnend Braughing Hertfordshire
    Cecily Norah Cavendish b 25 August 1900
    Director of Balkan Cigarette Co Ltd and Ionides Ltd ( Surname Israel deleted and Cavendish written in green pen 11.9.1943 -this corresponds with her 1943 marriage)

    Nb Currently I have not identified an earlier marriage with a groom called Cavendish

    1901 Census (Copyright TNA) RG 13 12 36 8
    234 Gloucester Terrace Paddington

    Judah David Israel H M 31 Barrister at law b Gibraltar
    Florence Maurice? wife 29 b Streatham
    Dennis David Gabriel son 2 b London
    Leonard Maurice GABRIEL brother in law s 37 Physician b London
    +3 servants

    Denis David Gabriel Israel 6 Albert Place Victoria Road London W8 died 30 May 1959 at St/Lukes Hospital Paddington London Probate to Cecily Norah Israel widow and Sydney Henry Levine C.B.E. civil servant Effects £18205 4s 4d

    Cecily Norah Cavendish Death 7 December 1972 48 Iverna Gardens London W8 Probate £78229

    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    Default ISAAC HERBERT HART 1871-1886

    This post provides brief data on Isaac Herbert Hart 1871-1886 son of John Hart-Maria Hannah Angel. He died in Frankfurt am Main 21 December 1886 age 15. The Hesse Germany Death Record records his parents names but since I do not read/speak German I am unsure of the cause of his death. Similarly, there is no record of why he was in Germany but it maybe as part of his education. There is currently no record of his burial place.

    In the next post I am recording a brief Summary of the family line which connects Maria Hannah Angel to her Crawcour relatives via her mother Rebecca Godfrey.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The main focus of this very brief summary of Godfrey aka Levy, Crawcour,Hart,Angel line is to provide missing data for those researchers who have online public family trees relating to the families. Most of the trees have lacked data to link the lines further back.

    The Maria Hannah Angel line links to the Crawcour as follows:
    Isaac of Kracow? (We have no proof that Isaac was born in Kracow. There is no record of his wife,siblings or other family members beyond his son Samuel who is the progenitor of the known Crawcour lines world wide)

    Samuel Crawcour 1748-1816 surgeon dentist/apothecary married Rebecca died 1821 last name unknown and place of birth/parents unknown

    Their children:
    Andrew c1773-? - no data on a marriage/children but current information suggests he remained single in later age- he used various alias as per Old Bailey Trials. He was recorded as born Bremen.

    Barnett c1777-1834 married Fredcha bat Benjamin in 1807.She died Norwich 1813 and he re-married same year to Fanny Alexander

    Isaac c1777-1837 married Simha Cohen de Lara 1776-1851

    Moses c1778-1858 married Hannah bat Nehemiah c 1784-1854

    Ann (Nancy) c1780 - 1817 married Lazarus Simmons and on his death in 1820 married Morris Simmons

    Catherine aka Kitty c1785-1858 married Aaron Aarons died pre 1841

    Henry c1787-1845 married Catherine? c1804-1887

    David c1791-1882 m 1812 -Amelia Barnes c1792-1870

    Sarah 1784-1839 married Godfrey Levy aka Levy Godfrey ** see Cemetery Scribes ID 3839 for her records plus photo of Tombstone in Brompton Cemetery plus deaths of her children Maria aka Miriam and Emanuel. This is the connection to the Moses Angel aka Angel Moses line via Rebecca Godfrey daughter of Sarah.

    It is possible that there maybe closer links to the John Hart line and the other Hart lines who married into the Crawcour and Jacobs. Currently, I have traced all the known lines but do not have data on the early Hart lines beyond the names of my 5x great grandfathers but not their wives.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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