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    Quote Originally Posted by helachau View Post
    Wondered if William suffered this inconvenience? Indeed, might it be William hiding behind the sobriquet LEUMAS?
    I suspect that the writer was someone named Samuel - which is Leumas the right way round

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    Good spot - but who knows?

    Gresham Terrace can be found on the 1864 map within the MAPCO series
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Helachau, thanks for your inputs, ‘madhouse” would distract me. I got distracted yesterday with what mathematics actually meant in the Victorian era. Seems it was heavily biased towards money adding/subtracting £/S/d. No wonder his five sons all became clerks of varying sorts.

    LPennington, thanks, looking at that Newark baptism I agree, I’ve changed his parents names, and I then went on to find William had many siblings….I’ve resisted researching them as another distraction!

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    The newspaper article. I can’t see it being William, he’s originally from Newark, Nottingham he’d be used to a bit of mud (I’m originally from Nottingham….before anyone has a go at me��)

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