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    Default Next of kin upon enlistment in 1842

    My husband's great-great grandfather, b1824, was living in Mountmellick, Ireland when he joined the British Army in 1842. He served in the West Indies and Gibraltar as well as the UK. We have his service record with promotions, demotions well as where he enlisted and his height, eye colour etc...but where would his next of kin have been recorded? His name was John Townsell/Townsend and he was with the 67th Regiment of Foot.

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    An example of the form "Attestation for Regiments" and the processes involved can be found on the FMP record of Peter Delaney, No. 2247, who attested for the 56th Foot, 7 Nov 1842 - born near the town of Mount Mellick, County Queens. There is no provision to capture the information you are interested in.

    I can find examples of the same form being used to attest for the 36th and 58th Foot in 1842 at Mountmellick. No guarantee it was the form used to recruit for the 67th but a strong pointer.
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