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    This new thread adds data on the Courlander/Hart/Wulson and associated lines. I began research on my paternal Hart lines over twenty years ago and worked closely with two distant cousins one of whom was a Courlander. This research provided us with a range of records including family trees. I first began to post data on the Courlander aka Schachnowitz in 2009. To date there are 20 posts on the lines- see Norton Courlander-Amelia Wulfson started 25.7.2013 who are the parents of Frederica Dorothy; Norton and Louis Courlander started 19.11.2009; Herman and Lewis Wulfson started 4.4.2009 - I have not listed all my posts and the search facility on BG Forum will list the others.

    The surname Courlander is an adopted name and the original surname is Schachnowitz or derivations of that name. The expansion of the Latvia data base on JewishGen has provided a significant increase in records including births, marriages and deaths. The Schachnowitz are listed among these records. Similarly, Familysearch have added more records including those from South Africa. These records provide further data on the Courlander lines.

    As a brief summary,the Schachnowitz aka Courlander lines descend from Itzig 1824-1889 and Fage 1823-1910 Schachnowitz. The family were living in Liepaja/Libau Courland. I will post further on the line including data from JewishGen Latvia data base.

    Two brothers Norton and Louis moved from Libau to the UK circa 1870s and their brother Shachne 1847-1929 remained in Liepaja Latvia.

    Norton and Louis married into my Hart/Wulfon paternal lines. Henry aka Heinrich aka Herz son of Schachne married Frederica Dorothy Courlander- 1st cousin marriage.

    Frederica and Henry settled in South Africa. The Latvia Jewish data base show- Hertz Shakhnovich born 6.1.1879 Saturday 23 Tevet 5639 Father's grandfather Shakna,mother's garndfather Khaya Basa Mother's maiden name SHTEMBER born Libau Grobin Courland Place recorded Liepaja 1879.

    Latvia Marriages and Divorces Data base
    Shakhna Shakhnovich 30 spouse Basha Shtember 22 Bride's father mother place Behr Dowry 1000 silver rubles 1867.

    Fredrica Dorothy Courlander GRO Birth Index March qtr 1886 Richmond S 2a 383

    I will post further.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

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    The following data includes South African records - see Familysearch data base.
    South African Death Record:
    Heinrich Courlander known as Henry Courlander age 77 years 4 months b Russia Union National by Naturalisation- father Jeanott, mother Marsha both deceased. Commercial Representative
    Spouse Dorothy Fredericka Courlander b Courlander b London England
    Residence Journeys End, Ocean View Drive Sea Point Cape Town
    Derick Joseph Courlander
    Joan Masha BENEDICT b Courlander also known as Joan Marcia Benedict
    Death 5 May 1961

    Nb There was another child Paul David Courlander died 1945.

    Death Paul David Courlander single age 21 b Cape Province Scholar Death 22 September 1945 -44 St.Marks Road East London Burial East Cemetery Jewish Section East London
    Cause of death Broncho pneumonia, Pituary deficiency -Frolichs Syndrome-muscular dystrophy Duration 5 days of last illness

    UK Incoming Passenger List 1934 Arrival Southampton 30 April 1934
    Henry Courlander 55 Man Agent
    Dorothy 47
    Joan 19
    Paul 10

    Address in UK Gothic House The Green Richmond Surrey ***This was the house of Norton Courlander

    1927 UK Passenger List Arrival 18 April 1927 Southampton
    Departure Durban SA
    Dorothy Courlander 40 Gothic House The Green SW Housewife
    Joan Courlander 11
    Derek 9
    Paul 3

    31 ult at the Masonic Temple of the New Gaiety Restraurant by Revs G Prince and Alfred Adler -Henry Courlander of Cape Town South Africa to Dorothy eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs BN.Courlander of Mintaur St.Margarets on Thames

    Dorothy Fredericka Courlander 6 Carr Manor Road Leeds widow died 14 February 1961 at the Grand Hotel Kings Road Brighton Administration with will to Leonard Robert Treen and Alan Stuart Hitchings chartered accountants attorneys of Derek Joseph Courlander and Leo Hurwitz and George Van Tonder -Effects £3043 1s 9d

    There is 1 Ancestry Public family tree which as Derek Joseph Courlander 1917-2013 Vancouver British Columbia Canada spouse Denzil- I have yet to confirm the record

    UK Incoming Passenger List
    Arrival Southampton 10 June 1919 departing East London Port Elizabeth Cape Town
    Henry Courlander 30 broker and commission agent b Russia
    D F Courlander 33
    Joan 3
    Derek 1
    Nb Their place of birth for Dorothy and the 2 children is Russia but this is incorrect

    Further data to follow.
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    Default HENRY COURLANDER 1879-1956

    A further South African Death Record has Henry Courlander Death 5.5.1956 Residence Journeys End 331 Ocean Drive Cape Province 77 years old born 6.1.1879 Married.Manufacturer's Representative Cause of death Carcinoma of Prostate Born Russia
    Cremation at Maitland

    Further data on the Schachnowitz to follow.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following data is taken from JewishGen Latvia data base. Further research is needed to clearly identify the individuals. In addition, there are numbers of individuals with the surname spelling Schakhnovitch who appear to be related to the Schachnowitz suggesting the need to look carefully at surname derivations.

    Courland Enlistment Registers and Family List 1845-1874 -Feige Schachnowitz family number 6 Oldad number 18.Town Kuldiga Permits Enlistment 1871; Itzig Schachnowitz family number 6 father Schachner age 53-in 1871 Town Kuldiga.

    Courland Passlosen-Jews without lawful permit Itzig Schachne Schachnowitz Town Kuldiga 9 July 1855.

    Nokhum Shakhnovich b 14.4.1876 Liepaja -father,grandfather Shakhno-Libau; Khaya mother,grandfather -Grobin, Shtember-mother's maiden name -Courland

    David Shakhnovich dob 4.5.1887 -father,grandfather Shakho, mother,grandfather Grobin, mother's maiden name Shtember Courland 1887

    Death-Itzik Shakhnovich 16.5.1889 agev 75 old age Liepaja
    Death-David Shakhnovich son of merchant age 4 scarlitina father Shakhno 1892 Liepaja
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    Marriage 7 July 1946 West London Synagogue -Joan Marcia Courlander -father Henry Courlander; Arran Benedict -father Abraham Benedict West London Synagogue

    Arran Benedict 6 Carr Manor Road Leeds died 23 April 1977 Effects £5900

    1939 Register
    41 Reginald Terrace Leeds

    Abraham Benedict b 1 May 1881 Manufacturer Agent
    Rebecca Benedict b 19 July 1878 unpaid domestic duties
    Blanche? Benedict b 23 Feb 1908 dress maker
    Miriam Benedict b 26 Nov 1910 unpaid domestic duties
    Samuel Benedict b 23 Oct 1913 Manufacturer agent
    Charles Benedict b 4 August 1917 tailors cutter
    Arran Benedict b 3 1918 Aircraft inspector
    David Benedict b 24 April 1920 Engineer apprentice

    Ancestry Public family trees have the parents of Arran as Abraham Benedict 1881-1951; Rebecca Baim 1878-1965

    The son of Arran and Joan- David P Benedict 1951-1964
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    This post has identified on British Jewry Leeds Data base family relationships between the Arran Benedict line through his mother Rebecca Baim to Landa/Harris and other lines. The parents of Rebecca Baim 1856-1965 were Samuel Baim 1856-1939 and Hannah Leah aka Annie Landa 1858-1931. Abraham Benedict married Rebecca Baim in 1905 Gt.Synagogue Leeds.

    Nb The Leeds Data base is an important resource for those searching their ancestors who settled in Leeds.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    This post refers to Benedict records held on JewishGen UK Data base Online World wide Burial Registry -England and other records which refer specifically to the Leeds area.
    In addition, I am including a Marriage record for Carl Saul Sumrie and Leah Benedict also on JewishGen. The world wide burial registry has photographs of tombstones.

    Nb The family tree on the Courlander and associated lines begins with Annie Courlander and 'Jack' Jacobson and includes living relatives. I will not post data on living relatives.

    The Marriage of Leah Benedict age 25 39 Well Close Mount father Samuel Deceased tailor
    Carl Saul Sumrie 23 tailor 2 Exmouth Terrace father Harries Sumrie tailor.

    Burial records-Leeds JewishGen UK Data base
    Rebecca Benedict 1967 age 87; Blanche Benedict 2007 ae 99;Charles Benedict 2009 age 91; Samuel Benedict 1906 ag 64; Beatrice Benedict 1939 age 45;Rachel Benedict 1967 age 81; Sarah Benedicty 1969 age 84; child still born 1923 ; Hilda Benedict 1916 age 9 mths; Telsa Benedict 1935 age 81; Joseph Hyman Benedict 1947 age 60;Abraham Benedict 1951 age 70; Jeffrey Benedict 2018 age 75
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"


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