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    Default Data extraction from online resources

    Do you extract data from the likes of Ancestry, FindMyPast, FamilySearch etc and copy that data into your genealogy programme? If so, have you considered using ORA. I have been researching my family history for over 25-years and a couple of years ago I found and started using ORA. My data extraction productivity increased dramatically. ORA has a learning curve, but it depends on what you want it to do. Out-the-box you can use the copy and paste options or learn to use templates etc. I use it to load and populate tags and produce sources with TMG (The Master Genealogist). One click and a baptism tag can be loaded, populated with event date, memo data and a new source record completed (I am an extreme splitter). On completion, the Tag remains open (my choice) so I can check contents and amend as needed.

    I am a Beta Tester for ORA, one of about a dozen, but that is my sole connection with John Cardinal, the developer of ORA. John has developed various genealogy aids over the years, Second Site, Gedcom Published, Gedsite and ORA to mention a few. I use Second Site, Gedsit and ORA.

    You can view how ORA is supported and what it does here.
    ORA - Online Repository Assistant
    An automated assistant for use with online repositories including Ancestry, FamilySearch, and others.

    Fife, Scotland
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