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    Default MARIA JACOBS b 1821-JOSEPH ALEXANDER b1827

    This new thread should be read in conjunction with the earlier thread Moses Jacobs b Phillip and Elias b Eliezer started 22.5.2023.

    In this thread I will post data on Maria aka Miriam Jacobs and Joseph Alexander.Maria Jacobs was the daughter of Moses Jacobs and Hannah. Her father descends from Philip Jacobs son of David Jacobs aka Letson aka Litzen- see website Jacobs Tree-Home of a Jacobs Family tree which has a major data base including sources started several years ago by my Jacobs cousins including myself.

    See Sources on the site for Maria Jacobs ID 14356 which includes her marriage certificate and other data.

    The Parish Removal Order 7 March 1844 for Moses Jacobs and his family includes reference to Maria having an illegitimate daughter called Isabella with father not named and deserted by Maria. Isabella was brought up by Moses and his wife but died aged 12.The family were recorded at 25 Petticoat Square Middlesex Street City in the removal order.

    The GRO Marriage Certificate for Maria and Joseph shows:
    1 Little Middlesex Street St.Mary Whitechapel Middlesex
    24 June 1845
    JOSEPH ALEXANDER Full Bachelor Sealing wax maker 1 Little Middlesex Street Whitechapel -father JACOB ALEXANDER deceased

    MARIA JACOBS full spinster 1 Little Middlesex Street Whitechapel -father MOSES JACOBS Glass dealer
    Married according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Jewish Religion
    Witnesses Mark Marks, L Pyke, Simeon Oppenheim Secretary of the Gt Synagogue Dukes Place

    See Synagogue Scribes GSMa 042/45
    24 June 1845
    Maria Jacobs -Hebrew name Miriam - father's Hebrew name Moshe
    Joseph Alexander -father's Hebrew name Jacob

    Nb It has been difficult to trace Maria Jacobs and Joseph Alexander in Census records and currently only one census 1861 appears to have the family.

    There are however Baptism Records for Maria,Joseph and their children which confirm they are the right family in the 1861 Census.

    1861 (Crown Copyright TNA)
    9 Little Halifax Street Whitechapel Mile End New Town
    Joseph Alexander H M 36 Sponge dealer b Ramsgate
    Maria Alexander wife 40 b Ramsgate
    Sarah dau 16 b Birmingham
    John son 14 Sells sponges b Wolverhampton
    Moses son 12 b Manchester
    Rosa dau 9 b Derby
    Hannah dau 2 and half b Middx Whitechapel

    The census suggests that Joseph was an itinerant Hawker of sponges based on the birth locations of the children. The reference to Joseph and Maria being born in Ramsgate appears dubious given where her parents lived.

    Baptism records for St.John Bethnal Green in 1852 show that the family were baptised the same day including Joseph and Maria. This maybe part of the Society which sought to convert Jews described in several posts on this forum.

    Baptism June 6 1852 Maria Alexander wife of Joseph Alexander born May 1 1821 Parents Moses and Hannah Jacobs Crown Street Finsbury Mercantile Agent

    June 6 1852 Joseph Alexander b 1826 parents Jacob and Sarah Alexander-Sunderland Glass Cutter

    This baptism suggests that Joseph was born in Sunderland not Ramsgate.

    Moses Alexander baptised June 6 1852 b 1 May 1850 parents Joseph and Maria Alexander 7 Jubilee Place Parliament Bethnal Green Dealer in Tukey sponge

    Sarah 21 March 1852 born 26 April 1844, John baptised 21 March 1852 born 1 May 1845, Rosa baptised 6 June 1852 born middle of 1848 - their father Joseph recorded as a General Dealer 7 Jubilee Place Parliament Street Bethnal Green

    This maybe Joseph Alexander in 1841 Census Hanian? Alley St.Botolph Aldersgate Middx age 18 wax maker in house of Mordecai Benjamin?

    Post 1861 Census it has not as yet been possible to identify the family and even the individual children.

    Any help locating them would be apprecaited. Nb The various Public family trees on Ancestry have similarly not located the family. They may have emigrated but this is not known.
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    Currently based on the Baptism records of the children of Joseph and Maria Alexander I have only located the GRO Birth Index Records for Sarah Alexander J qtr 1845 Whitechapel 2 592 -mother's maiden name Jacobs; Hannah Alexander S qtr Whitechapel 1858 1c 309 -mother's maiden name Jacobs.

    I have used the main General Registry Office records as well as Free BMD. The remaining children are not easily located and may not have been registered.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"


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