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    Default Canal boat family WARD Staffordshire

    I am researching the family Ward who were multi generation canal boat owners. I have gone back 4 generations to my Grandfather x 3 George Fellows Ward born abt: 1795 in Bewdley Staffordshire. I have now hit a brick wall - can anyone help or advise. Thank you

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    Hello Jane,

    Not being familiar with either canal boat people or the Staffordshire/Shropshire/Worcesterhire area, I am not going to be a lot of help , but you could try reading other queries (and replies!) in the 'Canals and Watermen' section.
    Even ones not directly connected to your area might suggest another source for reference, or remind you that you haven't checked for a particular record.
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    Have you seen the 1841 census with George a Boatman, married to Rosanna, in Penkridge, Staffs?

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    Just an idea.

    If my research I'd be looking for a marriage between a male Ward and female Fellows as often when a surname is given as a middle name it indicates the mother's maiden name.

    There is this marriage which maybe worth looking at.

    William Ward to Sarah Fellers (Fellers could be a corruption of Fellows, written as heard) 11th Dec 1791, St Mary-De-Lode's, Gloucester.

    A canal boatman could have travelled from Gloucester to Penkridge, I think the river Severn was used by boatmen but I'm no expert.

    What evidence do you have that George was born in Bewdley?


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