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    Default Emigration to the US 1820 - 1957

    Most people will have heard of Ellis Island, where many immigrants to the USA first set foot on American soil.
    But prior to the opening of Ellis Island in 1892, there had been a similar 'landing place' called Castle Garden.
    For some time I've been unable to access the Castle Garden site, but by chance I have just found an alternative way to access those records.
    Start here
    and then click on the link you require.

    If you think that the name you want might have been mis-indexed (e.g. I saw a Trumbull which I think might have actually been Turnbull) then you can go through the pages for a set number of years.
    These are the links for the years for Castle Garden.

    And for Ellis Island

    There's also a link to New York passenger and crew lists 1925-1957, which includes aircraft as well as ships.
    Again, if you can't find the person in the index, you can manually search the individual years.

    Do read right to the bottom of the initial page before you madly start searching, as there's some research tips which might help.
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    There's an excellent book by James Hunter called "A Dance Called America". It's the story of the Clearance Highlanders. The author has done his best to trace the folk pushed out by the Landowners.


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