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    I had done a "dummy" GRO run against James Maslin to place on order and found it FAR from helpful in the absence of a Reference No.
    There appear to be 2 links that are not working -
    1. "See overseas records GRO hold"
    2. "if you don't have the index reference what will happen?"

    I did check "Frequently asked questions" which has a section on Overseas Records. I think the search costs £3 in addition to the cost of the cert if found.
    They do provide a phone no. or address as an alternative to online ordering.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    I could find no phone number/address - could you send me the link to the page?
    Many thanks

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    (i)Log into GRO
    (ii) Click on "Place an order"
    (iii) Below box "Where was the event registered" is a note "If you are not aware ...."
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Thank you - I have written to Certificate Services

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    You're welcome & fingers crossed!
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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