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    Default WWI, RFC Pilot, 2nd Lt. Help requested.

    Hi Guys,
    I am hoping that somebody can throw some light on the following, please.
    I have a couple of books Relating to:-
    Frank L. Smith, RFC, 2nd Lt., ID No. 23321.

    Book 1 = Army Book425, Pilot's Flying Log Book.
    First entry dated 25/1/18. Machine G,W. 308, as Passenger 15 minutes, to 1500 ft.
    Last entry, dated 23/1/19. Machine Avro F8202, as Pilot, 60 minutes, to 6,000 ft.

    Book 2 == R F C Training Transfer Card, History of Training.
    Oxford Hendon, 21/1/18
    Hendon, Castle Bromwich, 18/3/18
    Castle Browich, Hounslow, 20/6/18
    Hounslow, Marshe, 5/10/18
    Marshe, London Colney, 18/12/18
    London Colney

    Within Book 2 are various training elements and signatures and stamps to indicate passed.

    With these items comes a Cloth Badge. It looks like something you might wear on a jacket / Blazer. It measures 4" wide x 3.5" High, (10 cms x 9 cms).
    I have tried to identify this item by comparing with other on line items. The closest I have got is a 1950's RAF Bullion Blazer Badge. It is similar, but not exact, mine is stitched with Gold wire, and the crown on top is like two horse shoes joined together. I noticed that the crown design changes through the years.
    Sorry cannot add an attachment to show you a picture, happy to email or similar.

    These items have been donated to our museum, and we wish to place them on display, along with a short explanation of who and what they are and represent.

    Any help would be very much appreciated'

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    Hello Richard
    The badge does sound like a blazer one, they used to be sown with gold wire. The crown would be the Kings one.
    Try looking at this link for inserting photos

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    Hi Neil
    Hope I have done this right.
    If so hope the photo helps.


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    Hi Squaredancer,

    thanks for your assist.


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    Hi Richard
    Looks like a blazer badge to me.

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