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    In this new thread I am re-visiting and posting data on Bella Hart 1816-1906 and Josiah Solomon 1811-1858 with a focus on their descendants. There are numbers of Ancestry Public family trees which have this line but they include gaps and wrong data on some of the lines. My connection to the line is through Bella Hart daughter of Henry Hart 1786-1833 and Phoebe Myers 1786-1869 my 4x great grandparents and their son Aaron Hart 1811-1887 who married Ann Rebecca Crawcour 1823-1867 my 3x great grandparents. These lines descend from Jacob Hart father of Henry and Jacob Myers-Eve aka Eva 1753-1841 my 5x great grandparents.

    I have posted a wide range of information on the Hart/Crawcour/Solomon and associated lines on this forum. In addition, I have written and had printed two volumes and an addendum totalling over 180000 words on each of the main individuals who relate to my Anglo Jewish paternal lines. This research is private but enables me to have an indepth knowledge of the families.

    Data on Bella Hart and Josiah Solomon can be seen on JewishGen 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base- Bella Hart ID 5924; Cemetery Scribes ID 12567; Josiah Solomon 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base ID 5925; Cemetery Scribes ID 14044.

    The Cemetery Scribes records have mini Family trees on the lines.

    As a very brief summary the siblings of Bella Hart were:
    Aaron Hart 1811-1887 = Ann Rebecca aka Rebecca Crawcour 1823-1867
    John Hart 1816- unknown did not marry but alive in 1891 and living with his sister Sarah
    Julia 1824-1872 did not marry
    Moss 1826-1895 did not marry
    Napthali 1828-1855 did not marry
    Sarah 1830 -unknown did not marry but alive in 1891 and living with her brother John
    Caroline 1834-1871 did not marry
    Leah 1834-1901 =Herman Wulfson
    Amelia b unknown died 1836

    In the case of Josiah Solomon his parents were Jacob Solomon 1782-1857 and Sarah Phillips 1789-1873. In his presentation and article Edgar Samuel wrote about Wilfred Sampson Samuel 1886-1958 and included a family tree of the lines descending from Jacob Solomon =Sarah Phillips ( Decca Days-the career of Wilfred Sampson Samuel 1886-1958.Jewish Historical Studies Vol 30 (1987-1983) pp 235-274. see JSTOR online article via Registration. The Solomon and Phillips line included a large number of children.

    I hold copies of the Marriage and Death Certificates for Bella Solomon nee Hart which were obtained in 2004 and now appear on many of the Ancestry Public trees and elsewhere.

    The children of Bella Hart =Josiah Solomon were:
    Henry Josiah Solomon 1843-1921 =Frances aka Franciska Solomon 1st cousin
    Sarah Solomon 1843-1931 =Myer Salaman
    Amelia Solomon 1845-1901 =Samuel Aaron Phillips
    Julia Solomon 1847-1854
    Evelina aka Eva 1850-1921 =Frederick Abraham Phillips.

    I will post GRO Record Index data to confirm precise dob etc

    Further posts will include data on Henry Solomon 1809-1891 = Sarah Adler 1831-1907 and their children. Henry was a brother of Josiah and married the eldest daughter of the Chief Rabbi Dr Nathan Marcus Adler and Henrietta Worms.

    Further posts to follow.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    This post provides data on Bella Hart's siblings,parents and grandmother.
    1841 Census (Copyright TNA)HO107 716 9 6 34 12 11
    62 Leman Street,Whitechapel,Goodmans Fields
    John Hart 30 bootmaker
    Moss Hart 20
    Napthali Hart 20 watch maker
    Phoebe Hart 50 Independent
    Julia Hart 20
    Sarah Hart 15
    Caroline Hart 14
    Leah Hart 13
    EVA MYERS 85 Foreign
    All born in county ecept Eva

    Eva is the mother of Phoebe Hart nee Myers.
    Synagogue Scribes
    HAMBURHL 1098
    EVE MYERS Burial 19 May 1844 Address Leman Street,Goodmans Fields

    Marriage HSM
    Phoebe MYERS ( Hebrew name Fradke)Marriage February 7 1808 father's Hebrew name Jacob(Mr)
    Henry HART Hebrew name Tsebi Hirsh father's Hebrew name Baruch b Jacob Tsebi
    Member of the Synagogue

    HAMBURHL 0400
    Henry HART Burial 14 March 1833 Percival's Bldgs Whitechapel Road

    GRO Marriage Certificate
    62 Leman Street Goodmans Fields East London
    Sept 7 1841
    JOSIAH SOLOMON Full age Bachelor Merchant 31 Houndsditch father Jacob Solomon

    BELLA HART Spinster 62 Leman Street Goodmans Field father Henry Hart
    Married according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the German and Polish Jews

    Witnesses David CRAWCOUR, MOSES LEVY

    GRO Death Certificate
    163 Maida Vale
    13 June 1906
    BELLA SOLOMON 91 Widow of Josiah Solomon General Merchant cause of death Old age, cardiac failure. Informant Samuel A Phillips son in law present at death 163 Maida Vale Regitered 14 June 1906

    JOSIAH SOLOMON- On the 17inst at 10 Clephane Road Canonbury, Josiah Solomon of the firm of Henry Solomon and Co of Houndsditch in the 47th year of his age. Islington Times 25 Dec 1858

    I will post further.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    This post provides data on Jacob Solomon and his son Josiah. In his article referred to in #1 of this thread Edgar Samuel referred to Jacob Solomon appearing in the Exeter directories 1825 as being a jeweller in Mint place Exeter and by 1830 a quill dresser and cutter before moving the same year with his family to London. At the time Edgar Samuel did not know where Jacob was living pre moving to Tothill by 1841.
    However, there a record which refers to a Jacob Solomon in the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors. This record suggests that this is likely to be Jacob. The record shows " Jacob Solomon formerly of Mint Lane Fore Street Exeter Devonshire,licensed Hawker, then of 5 Pell Street Ratcliffe Highway Middlesex,Commercial Road East, Middlesex; and late of 46 Duke Street,Aldgate,London,Commission Agent and Licensed Hawker, a Prisoner in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex in the City of London". Exeter and Plymouth Gazette 9 August 1834.

    The family appear in the 1841 Census at 60 Tothill (Copyright TNA) - I will confirm the reference and full location in a later post.
    Jacob Solomon 56 Hardwareman b Foreign
    Henry Solomon 28 watch maker not born in county
    Samuel Solomon 23 jeweller not born in county
    D? 18 (male) watchmaker not born in county
    Caroline Solomon 20 not born in county
    Frances Solomon 9 not born in county
    Joseph Solomon 11 not born in county
    Nb There is no reference to Sarah his wife

    JewishGen London insurance policies show- 60 Tothill Street Josiah Solomon Sun Insurance 1837-1850; Jacob Solomon 46 Duke Street Aldgate 1833 and 60 Tothill Street 1840s; 31 Houndsditch Jacob Solomon and Henry Solomon jeweller and hardwareman- Josiah is at 31 Houndsditch in 1838. Henry Solomon watch manufacturer,jeweller,hardwareman at 31 Houndsditch 20.8.1835. Henry and Josiah 14.11.1835 at 31 Houndsditch and 19.11.1845. They are at 134 Houndsditch 13.7.1850

    In his London Freedom of the City Admission Papers 10 October 1856 Josiah Solomon stated he was the son of Jacob Solomon of Great Queen Street Westminster Gent. Josiah was living at 134 Houndsditch,Hardwareman.

    The 46 Duke Street address for Jacob in the insurance record 1833 plus the Exeter newspaper article strongly suggests that Jacob was the same person as per the records and a prisoner for debt in 1834.

    Further data to be posted.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following census records relate to Sarah Solomon nee Phillips and Bella Solomon nee Hart.
    The 1841 Census (Copyright TNA) HO107 725 2 12 33 20
    31 Houndsditch Aldersgate Middlesex
    Sarah SOLOMON 50 Not born in county
    Jonah Solomon 30 Hardware dealer not born in county- (This maybe Josiah)
    Isaac Solomon 21 Hardware Dealer not born in county
    Julia Solomon 23 Not born in county
    Priscilla Solomon 20 not born in county

    1851 Census (Copyright TNA)HO107 1480 42 35
    20 Manchester ? Westminster,Middlesex
    Jacob Solomon H M 68 Retired Tradesman b Germany
    Sarah wife 60 Tradesman wife b London
    Philip son M 38 accountant b Devon Exeter
    Evelina da M 26 accountant wife b Jamaica
    Samuel son u 32 Accountant b Devon Exeter
    Priscilla dau u 28 b Devon Exeter
    Fanny dau u 18 b London
    Flora granddaughter 6 b Jamaica

    Nb The above are lines I have not yet researched in detail and will post further data as it emerges.

    1851 Census (Copyright TNA)HO107 1524 112 40
    134 Houndsditch Aldgate Middlesex
    Josiah Solomon H M 39 Merchant b Exeter Devon
    Bella wife 35 domestic duties b Whitechapel London
    Henry son 8 b St Botolph Middx
    Sarah dau 7 b St Botolph Middx
    Amelia dau 5 b St Botolph Middx
    Julia dau 4 b St Botolph Middx
    Evelina dau 8 mths b St Botolph Middx
    +2 servants

    JOSIAH SOLOMON late of Clephane Road Lower Road Islington Middlesex Gentleman died 17 December 1858 at 10 Clephane Road Proved-Bella Solomon widow the relict 10 Clephane Road; Henry Solomon 134 Houndsditch City of London merchant the brother, John Hart 156 Houndsditch, Boot and Shoe manufacturer; Asher Hymen Hart 40 Upper Bedford Place,Russell Square-the Executors
    Nb John Hart is the brother of Bella

    More data to follow.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following census records relate to Bella Solomon nee Hart and her probate in 1906.
    1861 (Copyright TNA) RG9 229 142 26
    38 Finsbury Circus Middlesex
    Bella Solomon H widow 44 fund holder b Middx City of London
    Henry son 18 u Foreign importer b Middx City of London
    Sarah dau u 17 b Middx City of London
    Amelia dau 15 b Middx City of London
    Eva dau 10 b Middx City of London
    +2 servants

    1871 (Copyright TNA) RG10 212 29 51
    19 Upper Woburn Place St.Pancras London
    Bella Solomon widow H 53 Income from Freehold properties b London
    Henry son u 28 Member of Stock Exchange b London
    Amelia dau u 21 B London
    Eva dau u 19 b London
    +5 servants

    1881 (Copyright TNA) RG11 7 115 2
    3 Randolph Crescent Paddington London
    Samuel A Phillips H M Warehouseman Wollen b St.Martins
    Amelia wife 33 b Bishopsgate
    Stanley son 5 b Paddington
    Harold son 3 b Paddington
    Maud dau 2 b Paddington
    BELLA SOLOMON mother in law widow 64 b Paddington
    +6 servants

    1891 (Copyright TNA) RG12 5 122 36
    163 Maida Vale Paddington London
    Samuel A Phillips HM 47 Woollen Warehouseman b London St.Martins in the Fields
    Amelia wife 43 b Aldgate
    Stanley son s 15 scholar b Paddington
    Harold son 13 b Paddington
    Maud dau 12 b Paddington
    Randolph son 9 b Paddington
    Bella Solomon mother in law 73 living on own means b Aldgate
    +3 servants

    1901 Census ( Copyright TNA)RG13 8 20 32
    163 Maida Vale Paddington London
    Samuel A Phillips H M 57 cigar merchant Employer b St Martins in the Fields
    Amelia wife 52 b London
    Harold son s 23 clerk stock exchange b Paddington
    Maud dau s 22 b Paddington
    Randolph son 19 clerk b Paddington
    Bella Solomon mother in law widow 85 b Paddinton
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    Bella Hart Audley House 163 Maida Vale Middlesex widow died 13 June 1906 Probate -Henry Josiah Solomon member of Stock exchange; Hermann Myer solicitor Effects 29445 0s 1d

    The Jewish Chronicle 1906 referred to the probate which included bequests - 300 to her son for charitable purposes, household furniture etc to her daughter Amelia Phillips; 100 each to Alfred Aaron Hart and Rosina Marjorie Hart ( they are the orphan children of her nephew Napthali Asher Hart and Edmee Richards- I have written in detail about the two children, their father and mother on this forum); 150 to her sister Sarah Hart, 100 pa to her sister Leah Wulfson ( Leah was the widow of Herman Wulfson); one fourth of her residuary estate to her son and one fourth in trust to each of her daughters Sarah Salaman, Amelia Phillips, Eva Phillips

    Bella Solomon Death 15 June 1906 West Ham Jewish Cemetery Plot East 1,17
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    In this thread I will post data on Henry Josiah Solomon 1841-1921 the only son of Josiah Solomon and Bella Hart. He married his 1st cousin Frances Solomon 1861-1948 daughter of Henry Solomon 1813-1891 and Sarah Adler 1831-1907. Sarah was the daughter of the Chief Rabbi Dr Nathan Marcus Adler. Henry was the son of Jacob Solomon and brother of Josiah Solomon.

    The Marriage of Henry Josiah Solomon to Frances Solomon -31.8.1880 at 25 Inverness Terrace W by Rev Dr.Hermann Adler uncle of the bride,Henry Solomon only son of the late JOSIAH SOLOMON, to Frances daughter of Henry Solomon- The Jewish Victorian. Genealogical Information from the Jewish Newspapers 1871-1880 transcribed and edited by Doreen Berger,1999 Pub Robert Boyd.

    Berger cites Amelia and Eva Solomon sisters of Henry,Frederic A Phillips brother in law, Florence Solomon sister in law, Simeon LAZARUS brother in law,Jeannette Solomon sister in law

    Marriage- 17.9.1873 19 Upper Woburn Place Tavistock Square at the residence of the mother of the bride,Amelia Solomon daughter of the late Josiah Solomon to SAMUEL A PHILLIPS 3 Randolph CrescentMaida Vale W , youngest son of LAWRANCE PHILLIPS of Fitzroy Strret Fitzroy Square- Frederic A phillips brother in law, Henry Phillips brother in law,MAY LAZARUS sister in law.

    I will post further data including the further relationship between the Solomon/Salaman/Simmons and my 2nd Hart paternal line not previously identified by me.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    The following census records relate to Henry Josiah Solomon, his wife Frances and their children.
    There is at least one Ancestry Public family tree that has linked Henry to a prison sentence. This is not accurate and he can be seen with his parents and siblings with also a membership application to the London Stock Exchange.

    1881 Census (Copyright TNA) RG11 42 62 22
    70 1/2 Ladbroke Grove Kensington London
    Henry Solomon H M 38 Member of Stock Exchange b London
    Frances wife 20 b London
    +3 servants

    1891 Census (Copyright TNA) RG12 26 15 9 26
    50 Arundel Gardens Kensington London
    Henry J Solomon H M 48 Member Stock Exchange b London
    Frances wife 30 b London
    Harold son 5 b London
    Arthur son 3 b London
    +5 servants

    I will post on the 1901 Census.

    Nb Arthur Ewart Solomon son of Henry and Frances was to change his surname to HENRY by Deed Poll. I will post on his line. There are Ancestry Public Trees which have failed to identify this surname change and incorrectly given Arthur's date of death and probate wrongly by still using the Solomon surname

    Application for Membership of the London Stock Exchange- Henry Josiah Solomon 1871 19 Upper Woburn Place Tavistock Square. Office 1 Copthall Court Throgmorton Street

    GRO Marriage Index
    Frances Solomon-Henry Josiah Solomon July qtr.1880 London 1a 405
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    Having criticized others for making errors I also made one in my last post. The person who changed their surname to Henry was Arthur Henry Solomon son of Henry Solomon and Sarah Adler. The London Gazette 28 November 1924.
    Arthur Henry heretofore called and known as ARTHUR HENRY SOLOMON 48 Phillimore Gardens Kensington,County of London formerly 53 Kensington Court a natural born British subject on the 26 November 1924 absolutely renounced; relinquished and abonded the use of his said surname SOLOMON and ...assumed the adopted ... the surname HENRY ... thereafter called and known and distinguished by the name ARTHUR HENRY

    His Probate
    Arthur Henry Burlington Hotel Eastbourne died 29 March 1962 Probate-Bryan David Henry Company director,Arthur Ewart Solomon stock broker, Hugh Hubert Rose comany director, Max Herbert Helibut solicitor Effects 154723 9s 5d

    I will post data on the Henry Solomon and Sarah Adler lines.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"

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    In this post I will include data which identifies the relationships through marriages between the Salaman, Hart, Simmons, Solomon lines. As a start Sarah Solomon eldest daughter of Bella Hart and Josiah Solomon married Myer SALAMAN son of Isaac Salaman in 1863.Abraham John Simmons second son of the John Simmons of Tavistock Square Covent Garden married Rachel Salaman second daughter of Isaac Salaman in 1865. Rachel was a sister of Myer Salaman. She died 17 May 1908 at 61 Avenue Road NW. Abraham died 25 August 1923 at 54 Avenue Road St.John's Wood Middlesex.
    Henry J Simmons 3rd son of John Simmons of 4 Tavistock Street Covent Garden married Fanny HART 1847-1915 in 1863. Fanny Hart was the daughter of Lewis HART 1805-1875 see Cemetery Scribes ID 3296. Lewis married Julia Levy. He was the son of Benjamin Hart my 4x great grandfather and brother of John Hart =Elizabeth Jacobs my 3 x great grandparents. Their son Henry Chapman Hart married Amelia Hart daughter of Aaron Hart =Ann Rebecca Crawcour my 3x great grandparents. Aaron was the brother of Bella Hart = Josiah Solomon.

    Nb Cemetery Scribes have mini Family Trees on the above lines and there is data on JewishGen 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base on the lines.

    Henry John Simmons is Cemetery Scribes ID 11966 and 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base ID 9104. His father John is 1851 Anglo Jewry Data base ID 9101 with children Simeon,Abraham,Henry J,Joshua,Gabriel.
    Cemetery Scribes have the marriage of John Simmons 9Jacob b Jesse HaCohen b 1804 London =Sarah (Sarah b Judah ) b 1796 London - Western Synagogue Marriage 31 Dec 1828.

    The Simmons were well known costumiers and outfitters see John Simmons dealer in fancy dresses 4 and 7 Tavistock Street Covent Garden in the JewishGen London Insurance Policies with earlier records in the 1830s at 2 Russell Court Covent Garden WC.

    Henry J Simmons died in Ostend in 1892 and his body was brought back to England and interred at Willesden Jewish Cemetery - his tombstone was set Sunday April 30th 1892- see Jewish Chronicle August 26,1892.

    Further posts to follow.
    Phillip-Jewish,British Ancestry

    "The only true dead are those who have been forgotten"


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