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    If you search the London Picture Archive for Gosfield Street, there is a photograph of number 27 taken in 1976 (assuming the numbering wasn't changed, which sometimes happened).

    The census for 1881 for 27 George Street, Marylebone (All Souls) is at RG11/135/125 p15-16 and shows multiple occupancy, with occupations such as Shoe Maker, Tailor, Decorator, Painter.

    By 1891 it's Gosfield Street and again has multiple families - RG12/90/151 p55-56

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    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Jomot1, you legend!

    This George street is just across from Middx Hospital and Oswald Sr was living in a house backing onto the hospital on Cleveland Street in 1871.

    Also the road to the west of George St is Great Portland Street, so I would have to say this is definitely the right one.

    Waste of half a day researching the Potteries, but it was interesting and at least I have the right place now. It just wasn't adding up for either of the locations I had and was just itching away. This one is in the right place and had the right associated street.

    All I can say is "Do better Victorian Street Planners!" I wish they had been a bit more creative

    Thanks very much.

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    I've checked London Maps 1868, 1872, 1878 and 1886 and found George Street running south of Upper Marylebone Street to Langham Street. Running parallel to the west is Great Portland Street and to the east Great Titchfield Street. But no sign of a Portland Road.
    The 1897 map shows the change to Gosfield Street.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Thanks for all the help.

    I've written up all the info I can find on old Ozzy onto WikiTree. If anyone is interested it is here:

    I plan to go back and do more research around the places later in the bio, so they are more like the first few, but for now I just wanted to finish my first profile.

    The Red Lion where they lived for a while is an interesting place. I've got information about it but need to slim it down for this profile.
    A good place with lots of information is here https://kilburnwesthampstead.blogspot...n-kilburn.html

    Best wishes,

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