Hi Folks,Hoping that somebody may be able to assist me with the following.
I am working on a project for our local Harwich Museum, researching the Zeppelin Bombing Raids on Harwich, Essex, and the surrounding area in WWI.

I pretty much have the Zeppelin side of things covered, however, on the 12th / 13th August 1915, Zeppelin L10 bombed the Woodbridge area before turning for Ipswich then on to Harwich.
The authorities had been forewarned of the presence of a Zepplin, the RNAS mobile AA section was deployed, Seven Guns were deployed on or around Rushmere Heath Golf Course.
The Gun was under the command of Lt. Phillips who commented after the attack,
"Our driver P.O. Dame first saw her and we opened fire with the Maxim, two Martini Rifles with Incendiary Cartridges, and one Martini with standard ammunition. After firing a few rounds the airship dropped six or seven explosive bombs which fell all around the car but not near enough to do any damage"

My question is:-
1 What type of AA Guns were Deployed? I can find NO documented evidence on this subject, but have found details of what was around at the time such as the 3", 20 cwt QF AA Gun, mounted either on a Peerless Truck, or the Cruciform Towed Trailer. But did the RNAS at Ipswich / Woodbridge have these.

2. Phillips said we opened fire with the Maxim and Martini's, really? Would this have been one of the early model Armoured cars, but the only one I have found was fitted with the Lewis Gun. Phillips said CAR, rather than LORRY, so he was not talking about the 3" Gun, and CAR would tie in when he said they fired the MAXIM. Again what were Ipswich / Woodbridge issued with?

The 3" Gun mentioned above was the only AA Gun that could reach the height of the Zeppelins, so I can't believe that the entire Mobile section consisted of Machine Guns . I have found various photo's, but can't use the material because I have no documented evidence to support my thoughts and assumptions.

I look forward to your enlightening responses.
Best Regards