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    Default Grocer Edward Billsborrow

    No relation - I came across a photo of him on a Hartlepool history website and found a discrepancy in the location information and then just found myself down a rabbit hole!!'s public so I'm assuming a link is ok?)

    It seemed a waste of effort not to do something with the records I had researched so I am in the process of putting them up onto Family Search (FSID LZZB-HK4).

    One thing I am not sure of relates to a Kelly's directory entry for 1914.

    It is under the COMMERCIAL section and states
    "Billsborrow Edward, grocer, 100 Durham street & 2 Prissick street"

    Would this mean that he had two shops or had a shop at 100 Durham Street but only lived at 2 Prissick Street?

    He lived at 100 Durham St from 1906 and then moved to 2 Prissick St in 1910
    The electoral rolls from 1920-23 show O for 100 Durham St and living at 2 Prissick St
    I am guessing that R for Prissick Street does not necessarily mean he wasn't also working there.

    There is a census for 1911 which shows him living and working at home at 1 Henry Street.
    From what I can tell Henry Street and Prissick St joined and 1 Henry St and 2 Prissick Street are likely to either be the same building or adjoining properties.

    1911 ER has 2 Prissick Street for Edward but no record for 1 Henry St
    1912-13 ER has Ernest Perry (BIL) a lodger at 1 Henry Street with Edward as landlord at same address. 1 Henry Street doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere else

    Would you agree that this combination of evidence points to him having two shops?

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    I haven't time at the moment to investigate your query, but thank you for the Hartlepool link.
    It is an amazing site, and I've added it to the list of County Durham resources.
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    Is this him in 1891 age 16,with his parents at 61 Alliance Street, Hartlepool. He was an apprentice Grocer.

    Looks like in 1939 he was a General Dealer. Not actually sure of the address, it says Aldbro (I think) North Riding, number 41. With wife, Louise. Edward born 25 March 1875

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    Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail, 13 Apr 1923
    A list of suppliers of a particular brand of margarine includes -

    But you really need to see the 1921 Census - column "Place of Work".
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    Thank you that one settles it. There are a few that mention both shops I've found but that one is really useful as it indicated that she ran the one shop and he ran the other.
    I've had fun digging around their family records and updated family search as much as possible so hopefully someone will get use out of it at some point!

    If I hear back from the records people about what was on the back of the photo I will post here if anyone is interested.

    Now I'm back to hunting 'Guy's lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by fumblina View Post
    There are a few that mention both shops I've found but that one is really useful as it indicated that she ran the one shop and he ran the other.
    Agreed, the "L. BILLSBORROW" identifies Louisa at 2 Prissick Street.

    Thanks for the post. I've enjoyed checking out Edward's and Louisa's "Occupation Codes" plus the suffix that distinguishes between "Working at home" or "Not working at home".
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