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    Default Marion E Donoher Born about 1928 New Jersey .

    Hello Could someone here find out about this .

    Marion E Donoher Born about 1928 in New Jersey USA.

    Married 2 times first with Frank or Francis J Bannon in 1948.

    Name: Francis J Bannon
    Gender: Male
    Marriage Date: 1948
    Marriage Place: New Jersey, USA
    Marion Donoher.

    And second marriage about 1961 with James Edwin Anderson,

    He was born in Utah 1927 18 June. Dead 2010 April 1.

    Marion E Donoher and James are the parents of Actress Melissa Sue Anderson.

    Born Berkeley California 26.September 1962.

    I found this about Marion E Donoher this is from 1930.

    With her parents and four siblings.

    Here we can see that Marion is 2 years old , but in the square it says more than 2 years.

    So this is what I found Could this be Marion E Donoher mother of Melissa Sue Anderson.

    Dead 1987 born May 26 1927.

    Name M Donoher
    State New Jersey
    Last Place of Residence Mercer, New Jersey
    Previous Residence Postal Code 08618
    Age 60
    Birth Date 26 May 1927
    Death Date Nov 1987

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    A warm welcome to Brit-gen.

    The 1930 Census records Marion's age as 2 yrs 2 months, born New Jersey. The 1940 Census records her age as 12 years, born New Jersey.

    Note - I couldn't view the site provided by your link but assume we are talking about the daughter of John and Mary?
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"

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    Thankey very much.

    This is from the census 1930.

    Marion L Donaher
    Gender Female
    Birth Circa 1928
    New Jersey, United States
    Residence 1930
    Hamilton, Mercer, New Jersey, USA
    Age 2
    Marital status Single
    Race White
    Language English
    Father John Donaher
    Father's birth place Connecticut, United States
    Mother Mary Donaher
    Mother's birth place Pennsylvania, United States
    Siblings Donald J Donaher
    Evelen A Donaher
    William J Donaher
    Ruth Donaher.

    But I Do believe that I was wrong here found that The Marion or M, Marion who died

    in 1987 was perhaps not the right Marion E Donoher.

    So her mother could still be alive.

    But this should be her father could this be James Edwin Anderson.

    James E Anderson
    18 Jun 1927
    1 Apr 2010 (aged 82)
    Riverside National Cemetery
    Riverside, Riverside County, California, USA
    Section 58A, Site 2161
    72639106 View Source.

    Her father lived in Cypress Orange County in at the age 80 Years old.

    From the article .

    Melissa Sue Anderson called me from her home in Canada, where she has lived since 2002 after moving from Brentwood. She married Sloan, a writer and producer, in 1990.

    The conversation flowed smoothly – there were no awkward pauses. I was able to keep in check the besotted, prepubescent boy that threatened to erupt like an ill-timed zit.

    She talked like the native Californian she is, generously tossing out “anyway” and “really cool” as we discussed family, Hollywood – and Orange County.

    Her father, Jim Anderson, 80, a retired salesman, has lived in Cypress for years. She and her kids visited him last summer.

    James Edwin Anderson was perhaps born in Utah June 18 1927 . Died April 1 2010.

    So that must or could be her father.

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    Had you spotted the divorce of Marion E Donoher and James E Anderson, Apr 1975? Source "California Divorce Index, 1966-1985" on Familysearch.
    "dyfal donc a dyr y garreg"


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