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    Default 1921 census 'lookups' forbidden

    FMP have today announced that the 1921 census will become available as part of a subscription.

    However this does not mean that people may request 'free' looks-ups. To get that information 'someone' has to pay. You want that information - you pay.

    Please see this post about requests for look-ups when the 1939 Register was released.

    You are permitted to ask for help in locating people, though in a lot of cases you should be able to work things out for yourself.
    For instance if I search for my dad, entering his name and birth year the initial result will tell me his name, year of birth (actually a year later in his case as he was born in December), birthplace, parish and county he's living in. In addition, if I hover over the transcript icon it tells me that 'Charlie, Rose, and six others are on this record'. That's uncle Charlie and aunt Rose so that's OK, I know it's him.
    My mum is more straightforward. 'Grace, William, Emma, and five others are on this record', so mum, her parents, and her siblings.

    Other times I've had to cross my fingers that I've selected the correct record to buy. Once because although all the other details stacked up dear Walter had lied about his age when he joined the army. In another instance everything added up except the surname which had been mistranscribed as Relf and it should have been Kelf. None of the other names in the 'free' access part meant anything to me, and I had to do a considerable amount of digging even when I had the image to sort out the relationship. (Think she was the great-aunt of the wife of the head of the household through the maternal line. )
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    Well said, Pam.


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