My wifes mother Ivy Lawrence was born to an as yet unknown father in 1925. She never knew her mother. We have managed to trace back quite a long way on her maternal line. Ivy is still alive and we are attempting to trace the identity of her father. Both Ivy and my wife have taken ancestry DNA tests and we have the results which show that her closest match is 156cm and likely to be a 2nd or 3rd cousin. Ivy's ethicity is 91% UK and the rest norway and sweden. The 2nd or 3rd cousin is 47% Germanic, 23% UK, 15% Ireland and 15% Scotland. Based on this, are we right to assume that any link between him and my mother would be on her paternal side? He shares no surnames in 7 generations of Ivys maternal line. We are aware that the mother of the DNA match was German and have contacted him twice with no response despite the fact that he read the messages. So are we correct in our assumption? If not we would appreciate ant guidance for future research.
AS an aside, we traced a cousin of Ivy's, Alec, on her maternal side who was born in the same year, 1925, also to an unknown father. Alec's son has now taken an ancestry DNA test and we await the result.
Thanks in advance for any advice/comments.
Gary and Becky