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    I have been asked to frame this collection of medals and sundries for a friend, I am just wondering if anybody can give any more information on them. All of the items are in my desk at work so I can't get a service number until the morning. I am mainly interested in which unit the xv relates to, and also was it common for Montgomery to dish out these thank you cards to all of the people in the group.
    Any information much appreciated.
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    Hello Adycart

    Please see this link for the description of the medals
    There will be a specific order for the medals to be displayed. A specialist mounting company will advise you on the order.
    Not sure about the Montgomery card, but most medals sent through the post after the war had a preprinted letter of thanks.

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    My cousin tells me his father (my mother's brother) got a letter of thanks from Monty, and I suspect it was sent to everyone who served under his command. My uncle served didn't do anything out of the ordinary for the times. He served in the 9th Battalion of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, was attached to the Royal Artillery as a Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment. He was a driver, stationed in Belgium or Holland after D-Day. He was trained in Signals, and as an instructor. He marched through Holland in early 1945 and saw all the downed gliders from the Arnhem campaign. He ended the war as a Bombardier and was demobbed from the British Army of the Rhine in December 1945.

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    Probably regiment -
    But that does not seem to fit with what you say he did.
    Getting his service records would be the best way forward.

    Maybe you can find them in this -

    My Father 1819170 Lance Bombardier Robert Simpson 39/14 L.A.A. R.A.


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