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Not sure what's going on, but if you look at the image attached to that record it refers to a Pan American Airways flight from Bermuda to Idlewild airport, New York on 21 June 1954. Also listed with Jack is Nanette L Manheim. So I don't think it's your Jack.

Also, why would Kathleen be using her maiden name of Burrows in 1954? Her passport would surely be in her married name of Manheim. That Kathleen M Burrows record in 1954 refers to a Pan-Am flight from Paris to New York on 27 August 1954.

You can look at the images for free. Just click on the image and then scroll down the page.
Hi Pam, sorry but now I see this again I realize this is not the Jack Manheim I need to find, am getting help now from Seattle to piece together how and when he came there because most of his life he lived there, even remarried a woman from the Philippines.
Not been able to find son Michael Robert Manheim, also because no leads, he could have been on the ship from Antwerp as one of the 3 persons

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