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    I have also posted this under the Actors category. I am particularly interested to discover any information about the Military Crosses he was awarded in WW1 and WW2. In WW1 I think he was in the Bedfordshire Regiment. I have tried various sites but no luck. There is one 'Forces War Records'but there is a charge.

    Charles Chamier was an actor and singer. He was born in Australia in 1883, went to England and toured with a theatre company until 1914 then joined up and won the military cross twice. After the war he went back on the stage as an actor manager. In the second world war, he joined up again and became an aide to the Viceroy of India.

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    Because we do not allow duplicate queries and searches, I have closed this thread. If you can help, please head for the Actors and Artistes forum.
    Duplicate queries are not fair to members who spend time helping with a query and then find that the information has been provided elsewhere.


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