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    A couple of years ago a cousin of mine died and I obtained a copy of the will. I got it on line, just put in the name and date of death and a list was produced of deaths on that date. I paid £1.50 and got a PDF of the will. However, I cannot remember what site I used! I have searched "Find a Will" but can't find the site I originally used. Anyone any ideas?

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    Could it be this one, which is not the original site I had bookmarked but is now defunct.
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    I think the updated version of the original site you used is this
    but you have to know the year of death.

    Underwhelming updating of a site, IMO. Presume that's what happens when you have too many people working from home, and fiddling around for the sake of it.
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    No, there’s a law that says that when any site is upgraded, it’s never as good again!

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    I had only a minimal info to enter, but I had already seen at Ancestry one that I thought would be a test, using that link given above.
    It was Albert THOMAS who died May 1946 in Wales, probate granted 20 May 1948.
    The result returned was for a page of surname ABBOTT - so I give it a FAIL.
    (I have highlighted the data that I entered)

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    I had a problem with a person who died in December one year but probate was the following year. Nothing came up on the site. I referred to the list but that was for the year of death not the year of probate. I am going to try again but this time omit the death date and just fill in the probate date bit. See if I get anything.


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