This scheme was attributed to Earl Grey, in my readings.
A short summary is -
Earl Grey, the British Secretary of State for the colonies (a member of Lord John Russell's
Whig government) thought he could solve Australia's problems of a shortage of labour
and an imbalance of the sexes, by alleviating the overcrowding in Ireland's famine
filled workhouses. As part of Earl Grey's PAUPER IMMIGRATION SCHEME over 4,000 female
orphans arrived in Australia from Irish workhouses between October 1848 and August 1850.

My enquiry here is whether there would be accurate lists of the names of those girls, in UK or Ireland. I'm led to believe that some were as young as 12 years.

I have an ancestor Adam LANDELLS who married Elizabeth DIBBS, recorded as 27 July 1850 in Adelaide, South Australia.
Her age at marriage was stated as 30 years. Perhaps too old to be one of the Irish workhouse girls?

In 1849, one of those shipments, the "INCONSTANT" reached Adelaide on June 7th, 1849 and there were 117 names listed of the 209 Irish female migrants who sailed on this voyage, in an Adelaide newspaper.
State Library of South Australia estimates that a very small proportion of passenger names is in their official records, and that newspapers are a much better source.

In the "South Australian Register" of Sat 9 Jun 1849 Page 4 - SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE.

These two names are shown: Eliza Barlow, and Eliza Dibbs.

On the death of Elizabeth LANDELLS, the Victorian BDM death registration in 1877 records her father as Thomas BARLOW, and mother Elizabeth. Elizabeth LANDELLS' age is given as 62 - so a birth year of 1815.

Too many coincidences to be unconnected? Several unsubstantiated family trees have her 1815 birth in Ireland.

Another possible connection is a young Eliza DIBBS in a household of William and Elizabeth Maguire, which resulted in a court case in the city of Adelaide in January 1851.

Elizabeth Maguire v. William Maguire, for assault
Adelaide Times (SA : 1848 - 1858) Sat 11 Jan 1851 Page 3 - DISTRICT COURT.

She is named as an Irish orphan - in another newspaper, same date -
"... a servant named Eliza Dibbs, an Irish orphan who came out in thbe Constance, ..."

Adelaide Times Sat 11 Jan 1851 Page 3 - DISTRICT COURT.

It would be helpful to know the ages of the two girls (Eliza DIBBS, Eliza BARLOW) who were passengers on the barque "Inconstant" -

"On 15 February 1849 the INCONSTANT commanded by Captain Patrick Culliton, sailed from Plymouth for Adelaide in South Australia."

I can't find records of "my" Elizabeth DIBBS before the date of that arrival in 1849; she was aged 30 at the time of her marriage to Adam LANDELLS about a year after.
The court case involving Eliza Dibbs was some months after that marriage - more credible as a young girl from the barque "Inconstant".