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    Quote Originally Posted by LMShand View Post
    I am sure I know Gordon, please email me at lesleeshand AT or lesmagshan AT
    I live in Dunedin NZ and have been looking for his family for ages.
    Regards Leslee Shand.
    Hello Leslee,
    BarryBear hasn't visited the forum since he posted his query, however provided his email is the same now as it was when he joined the forum he would have received notification of your posts.
    If his email address has changed but he hasn't updated it in his profile then I'm afraid there is nothing we can do to help you make contact.
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    For those of us checking New Zealand BDMs from outside NZ and as non NZs, the search is hampered by the rules which divide records into historical and non-historical. The rules exclude searching within certain time frames re. birth, death and marriage. From what I can see, access to non-historical records (the recent ones) requires registration via "RealMe" and Gordon, having arrived by air in 1970, falls totally under non historical.
    Hence the difficulty in teasing out any info post 1970. Have checked NZ Papers Past for Cheyne Drummond - but without success.
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