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    I'm researching Private Richard Whitby who died in service in 1926 in Barrackpore India.

    I have only one record reference his death which shows his personnel effects and/ money owed to relatives. I have his regimental number and photographs of his funeral which appear elaborate for a Private. Using this information I cannot get any other sources to provide any more details of his death or service prior to it. etc.

    His Regiment although indistinct in the record I have shows 2nd Battalion Prince of Wales volunteers which were amalgamated into the Lancashire Regiment

    Any assistance would be gratefully received

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    The MOD hasn’t released post-1922 service records for online publication yet. If he was a relative, you could order a set of his records, but it would cost you 30 pounds and they have a backlog at the moment, thanks mostly to a famous virus. In your position, I would wait a little bit - maybe a few months- as there’s a rumor that some records may be released soon.

    In the mean time, it might be worth looking for newspaper reports, especially if his funeral was that grand.
    If you’re wanting to research his family, start with the 1911 census.


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