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    Default free to view UK newspapers 1720-1880

    I've had a couple of emails telling me that certain newspapers of the period 1720-1880 are now free to view on the British Newspaper Archive website. I think you have to register first but not pay a subscription - if I've understood it correctly.

    As the BNA is linked to the newspapers on FMP (?) perhaps they are free to view there as well.

    If anyone has better details of the offer please feel free to correct me.

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    The same papers are available for free on both the BNA and FMP, and, yes, you will have to register to view the entries. According to one report I read, you can use a 'free to access' filter so you don't get excited to find lots of relevant entries only to find you have to pay to view them.

    I've been trying to find a definitive list of the papers available for free, but without success.
    Some of the titles are listed down the page at https://www.

    A few other random titles I've found (plus at least one year of publication):
    Caledonian Mercury, published in Edinburgh, 1729, 1780 and 1837
    Sun, published in London, 1801
    Morning Chronicle, published in London, 1841
    Weekly Chroniclee, published in London, 1859-1861
    Forest of Dean Examiner, published in Blakeney, Gloucestershire, 1877
    Alston Herald and East Cumberland Advertiser - Alston, 1879

    Aha! Eureka!

    I suspect that the BNA site is very similar, but on FMP, once you get to the newspaper search page, on the left-hand side there's a 'narrow your search results'.
    Click on the 'free to view' acces type.
    Then click on 'by newspaper'. It automatically opens at letter A but you can select a different letter. Br aware that you have forward (and backward) arrows at the side of the page because you will probably find that their are more titles for your selected letter on the next page.

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    Here's the Blog announcement from the BNA web page about what and how how they chose what to provide:


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