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    Question Grandad's Service Record from Korean War

    My Grandad was a British soldier in the Korean War - we know he was there because we have old photographs of him whilst he was there - but we have no idea which regiment/unit he was in because he never said much about it.

    As he died last year, our interest in what he got up to whilst in service grew. So we thought to apply for his service records from the government - but we need to know which regiment/unit he was in as well as his service number in order to get them.

    Can you help?

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    Hello JayBird,

    Welcome to British-Genealogy (even though you are an impostor. 'Jaybird' is officially the one and only Jay McGuiness, and he comes from Newark, not East Yorkshire. ).

    You don't need those details to send for the records. You do need a birthdate, a copy of his death certificate, thirty quid, and patience for at least eighteen months.
    All the details are in this link.

    (a Jay McGuiness fan, in case you hadn't guessed. )
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