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    Hello everyone, so I have two questions.

    How would I go about finding the birth / baptismal record of my 2nd Great-Grandfather William Stewart?

    1. He was born somewhere in county Tyrone in about 1846 (possibly Brackaville as that was the residence he listed on his marriage certificate)

    2. He married Mary Jane Irwin on 17 Dec 1898 in the District of Brackaville, Tyrone.

    3. He later married Eliza Dilworth on 19 Dec 1899 in the Parish of Killyman, Tyrone.

    4. He was a stone mason and later a farmer

    5. He died in 1921 in Dungannon, Tyrone.

    Also, where could I look to find any information about his father, also William Stewart? I have no information on his birth or death dates. I don't even know who his wife was.

    1. I assume he was born in Tyrone, possibly in the town of Brackaville.

    2. He was listed as a farmer and then as a railway contractor on his sons marriage certificates.

    Forgive me if these were silly and / or vague questions, I'm still a novice at Irish genealogy. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the British-Genealogy forums
    No questions are silly in this crazy 'hobby; we call genealogy. and Irish research is particularly difficult. I have been looking for my great, great grandmothers origins for years.
    Have you used this site?
    Read what Irish records are available on this page

    Have you used this site? which is for Irish Catholic records so no use if William was of another religion. What religion was he?

    I have more questions than you
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
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    I think the dates you have given for the 2 marriages need reviewed. The marriages appear to have been in 1868 & 69 not 1898 & 99.

    Birth certificates were only introduced in Ireland in 1864 so for someone born around 1846 you need to rely on church baptism records, where they exist.

    You say that William died in 1921 in the Dungannon area. I can see a death that matches that information. He was a farmer in Tartlaghan:


    This appears to be the same man in 1911:


    And in 1901:


    He was Church of Ireland (ie Episcopalian) and he was born in Tyrone. Looking at the 1869 marriage certificate it looks to me as though William had been living in Brackaville but moved to Tartalaghan after his marriage. Presumably he inherited Eliza’s father Ezekiel’s farm.

    If William was born in or near Brackaville then that's in the parish of Donaghenry. There is a church at Brackaville which has records from 1834 onwards:

    Baptisms, 1836-1924; marriages, 1840-1935; burials, 1862-1930.

    The main church in the parish has records from 1733 onwards (with some gaps). Copies of both sets of records are held in PRONI. If you are unable to go yourself, you could employ a researcher. Researchers in the PRONI area:

    Probate abstract from the PRONI wills site:

    Stewart Richard of Tartlaghan Dungannon county Tyrone retired farmer died 28 June 1957 Probate Londonderry 26 August to Eveline Mary Stewart widow of testator and William Dilworth Stewart farmer. Effects 1006 2s. 8d.


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