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    Hi ,

    Just popping by to say Hi to you all and to give you some idea on myself.

    My name is Jayne , im over 21 and im an ex QARANC. I am researching the family names of Hylands , Grayling (Eastbourne Area) and Berry (Worthing , Walthamstow, and Whitechapel )

    I am interested in family history, tracing family, reading, travel and just being idle with a glass of wine and some choc ( Heaven !!! )

    Now you made it this far with out falling to sleep i thank you for reading this

    Luv Jayne

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    Hi Jayne and welcome to the Brit-Gen forums
    Must admit I had to look up QARANC = The Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps so I have learned something new today and it is only &;30 am here in NZ!
    You may like to visit the Surnames Interest forum, here, and record the surnames you are interested in.
    Take a look around and please do post if you need any help and also join in if you can help another member.
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
    William Burroughs


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