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    Hi, new to this forum, my trail has gone cold, Im stuck and need advice. Im researching a name Shewell from Liverpool. The family in question is James Shewell whom married a Ann or Anne McDonald roughly around union street in Liverpool potentially the Everton region.

    I know the following, James was a Marina at the port of Liverpool. Dont know his age, only know the date he married Ann/Anne McDonald and the birth of there children.

    Im fine with history from there to now, but Im looking for this James age date of birth and perhaps parents. Where talking around the early 1700 to maybe late 1600. Potentially he was born in London. Maybe go another James Shewell or possibly a Thomas shewell but all I have is names and no way to verify it.

    James Shewell - Married Ann/Anne McDonald they married in Liverpool in 1753
    William Shewell - 1731-1884 - Marina Pilot
    Elizabeth Shewell - 1761 -
    Ann Shewell - 1765 - 1844
    Eliza Shewell - 1765
    Mary Shewell - ???

    Im more focused on William Shewell with his father being James Shewell. I figure because of ages of the children perhaps this is family of two James Shewells or maybe James Married Twice.

    Any help or advice is much appreciate

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    I don’t know how to delete this one I did a new intro, apologies I misread the rules

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    This post has a lot of information we would need to help with your brickwall which your other post doesn't have here so I have locked that one.
    If you want the other post deleted I can do that. I have also moved this post to the Brickwall forum where should it draw more attention. I have given it the title James Shewell Liverpool but if you would like something else just say.
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    Thank you I have an update I think I have some dates wrong.


    James Shewell - Anne McDonald married in 1753 at St Peter Liverpool
    Children was
    Eliza Shewell - 1755-1755
    William Shewell - 1759 -
    Elizabeth Shewell - 1761 -
    Ann Shewell - 1765 - possibly 1844 however listed as age 72 so might not be her date of death


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