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    Im trying to find out any information on my grandads WW2 history,his name is William Tickner sadly no service number and was in the Home Guard,all i have is a photograph which shows that he was a Corporal.
    He lost his leg in Ypres 1918,his WW1 service number was 297/290580,and was in the 141st RGA.

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    Welcome in!

    I can't help with WW2 service - it hasn't been released for online publication yet. There's an article for people looking for WW2 records HERE BUT I can't remember whether it applies to the Home Guard. Also note the text in red about processing delays.

    I see on Ancestry that 290580 Gunner William Tickner of the RGA was awarded a silver war badge in 1920, he'd enlisted in 10 Apr 1915 and was discharged on 14 Mar 1919 due to wounds.

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    Durham Home Guard records are downloadable from the National Archives, but the rest are with the MoD.

    Oddly the 100-year rule doesn't seem to apply to the Durham ones as my Uncle's records are freely available on there - he's 97 next month


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