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    Hi Pam

    Thank you so much. Yes, I've got those two census and have seen great granny Lucy with her siblings, including the one named George. That is Lucy's brother.
    I'm actually looking for someone who is supposed to be my grandmother's father, a Henry GEORGE.
    Thank you so much for your interest and for helping me.

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    Hello and thanks for posting. That was my error. I got the baptism information from Family Search as it popped up quite unexpectedly. You are correct, Queenie was baptized as BARNES but her surname was GEORGE as per her marriage certificate to my grandfather.

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    Yes, my tree is on Ancestry.

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    That is interesting. There is a marriage listed for a John WICKHAM but not with the surname of BARNES. Yes, I think I've seen this years ago but he would have had to list his name as BARNES when marrying... Also, there was no will registered which I found strange as he certainly had assets.

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    On Queenie's 1919 Canadian marriage certificate to my grandfather, Joseph GARNER. She listed her father as Henry GEORGE.

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    It's a pain in the arse. I've probably been doing something wrong these past few decades, I'm sure. But the joy of searching has escaped me now. Blah.

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    Yes, they were registered as WICKHAM and all were BARNES children as per their marriage certificates here in Canada. I think it was part of the obfuscation that Lucy made certain of. Actually I think I saw the Lucy Jenkins = John Wickham 1889 marriage registration years ago and dismissed it - or the lady at Salt Lake City family history did. Old John would have had to include his proper surname BARNES on his marriage cert. No?

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    My great grandmother, Lucy JENKINS b.1860 Stondon, Bedfordshire, was a housekeeper to a Dr John Wickham BARNES for approximately 20 years. He was a prominent London surgeon and listed in Plarr's Lives of the Fellows. I've got lots on him purely out of interest, including the different census for that household. Dr Barnes was a widower and as it was, over the years, Lucy bore him 3 children - two boys and a girl and all given the surname of BARNES. So far, I can't find evidence of a marriage between them. They were different stations in life and I believe this is part of my research problem.
    No John needn't have given the surname Barnes on his marriage certificate as many others didn't or said they were widowed when they weren't.

    We now know the boy's births were registered with the surname Wickham and Ernest is listed in the 1891 census under that name.

    1891 census RG12 Piece 238 Folio 125 Page 24
    3 Bolt Court London City, St Dunstan in the West
    John Barnes 61 Widow FRCS and LSA Surgeon Bath, Somerset
    Lucy Wickham 28 Married, Housekeeper Stinden Bedfordshire.
    Ernest Wickham 1 son Middlesex, London

    1891 RG12 Piece 119 Folio 122 page 33
    126 Gower Street, Tottenham Court St. Pancras
    Jane A Barnes 44 Head no occupation born Bath
    John W Barnes 61 Widow FRCS Bath
    Amy Barnes 23 Daughter Bath
    Emma A Slater 77 Single visitor
    Ellen A Loche 41 visitor
    Eliza E Mitchell 52 Lady's maid
    Lois Peck 23 general servant
    Jane A Barnes is missing from ancestry's transcription but the image clearly shows her as head of family and John W listed second. So John W Barnes is listed at 2 different residences in 1891 and Lucy is using the surname Wickham. The addresses are only a few minutes apart.
    I would be buying the certificate for that 1899 marriage even if it is just to satisfy my curiosity.

    Edited to add: Lucy had moved to Essex before John W died but Dorothy's baptism still has him as her father. ( I am posting all this for my own future use}

    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
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    I would be buying the certificate for that 1899 marriage even if it is just to satisfy my curiosity.
    Me too, Christina.

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    Lucy had moved to Essex before John W died but Dorothy's baptism still has him as her father
    And Queenie Mary was conceived after JWB had died but he's named as her father on her baptism record.

    Unless some concrete evidence is found I'm unconvinced that Queenie Mary's father was a Henry George, he doesn't appear to be mentioned until Queenie's marriage, and even then Barnes was written first then changed to George.

    It's odd that a birth registration hasn't been found using surnames Barnes; Wickham; George or Jenkins.

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