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    I use the 1939 on Find My Past. It's in their "census" section.
    I don't know what the significance of the (Smith) is. I did wonder whether it was maybe an indicator that she was widowed by a Mr Smith, but the 1939 is nowhere as informative as a census.

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    Winifred married in 1947.

    The actual date of the marriage appears on the left of the entry, together with the letter M.

    Winifred M Black m. Anthony Smith 1947 Northumberland South, Q2, Vol 1B, Page 1057.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlyjane View Post
    Sorry to ask again but I wondered on the 1939 register you mentioned that Winifred was (Smith) Black! can you let me know what the Smith in brackets was ? How can I see this entry?

    Thank you

    Smith refers to Winnifred's name after she married.
    When you look at the image, in the left-hand column is written 20.6.47 GCO and then separately M (for marriage.) Sometimes the date given refers to the marriage date, though I believe that I've also seen it refer to the date the amendment was made to the person's Identity Card.
    I next toddled off to FreeBMD to find the marriage. Registered in June quarter 1947, Northumberland South registration district, Winifred (one N) Black also known as Winifred M Ireland, married Anthony Smith.
    Places in Northumberland South.
    The Ireland name is because that was her surname when her birth was registered.

    The 1939 Register is available on both Findmypast and Ancestry. You can take out a free 14-day trial with both of them (not advisable to to both at the same time, though!) Ensure that you untick any 'auto-renew' boxes otherwise your bank balance will get a shock at the end of the free 14 days!
    You might also be able to access one or both sites for free through your local library. You can often access them at home if you have a library card.

    who didn't copy from elsinore's post. I've been having internet problems.
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    Hi Pam

    Thank you for the information, I thought it was Louisa who was the 'Smith' and had married previously! I've been searching for a marriage between Andrew Black and Louisa Smith, just goes to show how little I know about searching for thses things.
    Andrew Black is driving me a little mad, I can't find out anything about him! the only thing I have is his death certificate which doesn't tell me his date of birth only that he died in 26th April 1936, he was only 48 when he died. I've searched for a marriage for him and Louisa but with no luck. (Winifred May's birth certificate has no father mentioned).
    Can you give me some pointers on how to search or find any information please.
    Thank you again


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