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    Default Brickfield labourers

    I'm not sure if I've quite hit a brickwall yet but this is my first post so had to decide the best place for it - sorry if it should be elsewhere.

    I'm searching for early records of my great-grandfather Albert Henry Knight. His date of birth according to the 1939 Register is 2 August 1867. My mum and her sister think that he was originally from east London somewhere. I have records of him since he married in 1908 when he lived in Uxbridge and married a local girl Hannah Sophia Seeley, but I can't find anything from before this.

    I thought I had found him on a Birth index from Uxbridge and ordered the birth certificate but the date of birth is incorrect and that was when my mum explained he wasn't from that area!

    Basically my question is - is there a way of researching labourers working in the brickfields in middlesex? This is why we think he moved to the area and worked with his future wife's father and then stayed in this area until his death. Maybe if there is a record of the labourer's I could find his place of birth or another clue?

    The only other info I have his my aunt remembers his sister - Aunt Liza living in New Cross. I assume this was when my mum was fairly young so 1950's or 1960's maybe.

    Any guidance would be most appreciated - thanks in advance.

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    The 1911 census states he was born in Hayes, Middlesex. There is an entry on the 1871 census. Albert H Knight born about 1867, Hayes. He is the grandson of a Sarah Mason, (age 47 born Hillingdon) however she does have a daughter listed as an Ann K Knight so maybe she married twice. The Reg. district is Uxbridge.

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    I too think you should look at that birth again. I think the same Albert Knight could be in Middlesex County Industrial School in the 1881 census.

    Have you tried eliminating this suspect from your enquiries? I mean by tracking him forwards and proving that he's not your man.

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    Thank you suemalings and Peter. I also found the Albert on the birth certificate and assumed he was the same one sent to the industrial school for stealing by the looks of it. Unfortunately I have found nothing else so am still uncertain he is the right person. I need to find either something from before 1909 that matches the date of birth that I have for my relative or something after 1881 tracking the second Albert after he left the Industrial school to conclude if it's the same person or not. But I'm failing on both of these at the moment.

    Thanks again for all/any help given.

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    Hannah has been quite easy to trace on the census, although on two she is under Sophia not Hannah. She is recorded as being born in Yiewsley, Middlesex, Have you any idea of Albert's mother's maiden name? Still looking for Ann Knight and Sarah Mason (transcribed as Maison on one census. Unfortunately names are not always straightforward, along with dates of birth and ages. So I am afraid it is a matter of looking and looking again. It would seem that Albert was born in the Hillingdon/Hayes/Yiewsley area though. By the way the 1911 census records his occupation as General labourer. although there is boarder who is a Bricklayer. Sorry the 1871 census states he was born in Hillingdon not Hayes.

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    I've realised, having researched a few people from there that all the areas around there - Hayes, Hillingdon, Cowley, Uxbridge, Yiewsley etc. etc. seem to be quite interchangeable as people are stated as being born in different ones on different records, which is not very helpful but is amusing

    Yes I think I've found most records for (Hannah) Sophia - Albert moved in to her family home after marriage so fairly easy to find her and her parents etc. I've just spoken to my mum re: Albert's place of birth and she did think there was a connection with East London but now admits she could be wrong - so again not helpful but amusing!!

    I don't have any record of Albert's mum unfortunately - only the Ann K/M Mason that you have found (if that is him obviously). Interestingly on the birth certificate I have there is no father named but the mother is Ann Maria Knight. So in 1867 she was going by the name Knight but in 1871 in the census she has reverted back to Mason. Albert's father is named on his marriage certificate, 1908 as George Knight (deceased)who I also haven't managed to track down as yet.

    I'm off to see if I can find a marriage between ann mason and george knight..........................

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    Oops realised I confused myself then. I found and Ann Maria Knight born in 1847 to a Sarah Knight illegitimately. Sarah could then have married John Mason at a later date. Doesn't really clarify much but I find it helps to write things out like this as it makes it clearer in my mind. Sorry for rambling!

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    Ramble as much as you like!! It does us good and sometimes things might seem a lot clearer the more we ramble!

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    The 1871 census has the name Knight for Ann M, it is the 1861 that has her surname as Mason. Her birth reg on the GRO index is 1847 mmn not given reg district Uxbridge which includes Norwood.
    The Richard G Knight on the 1871 census, grandson also has no mmn on his birth registration. A Richard G Knight age 70 death registration Sept 1/4 1972 Uxbridge reg. dist.
    This seems to be his marriage where his father's name appears to give the first name of his stepfather John Mason.
    Richard George Knight Age: 25 Birth about 1871
    Marriage Date: 26 Feb 1896 at Holy Trinity, Mile End Old Town, Tower Hamlets,
    Father John Knight
    Spouse - Eliza Elizabeth Alice Parlow
    In the 1911 census Eliza and Richard have a James Henry Parlour nephew living with them and their daughter Eliza Ann 12.

    Sarah Knight married John Mason in 1858. He a widower and she a spinster.
    I am going to post this before I lose it in to the ether again. I am just getting things straight in my head.
    Sometimes paranoia is just having all the facts.
    William Burroughs

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    Thanks Christina xx

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