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    Default Electoral Registers

    I recently came across electroral registers on Ancestry! How did I miss them all these years What a game changer. But Although they were great for my Liverpool branch, I was hoping to search on the Isle of Man and also the Wirral (Bebington). But I seemed to have hit a brickwall. Any suggestions please? Many thanks

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    Not all electoral registers for all years are online. (There's a whole chunk of Lincolnshire which I want which isn't available. Much to my annoyance.)
    Some are on Ancestry, some are on FMP.
    Some might be filed in a dataset name different to what you expect. I know someone found a marriage online after I'd unsuccessfully searched for it, and the reason I couldn't find it was something like I'd searched under Lancashire marriages, but it was filed under Liverpool marriages.

    Not the most helpful of replies, I know, but the best I can manage. Hopefully someone else might have a better one.

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