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    Talking of light-bulb moments, I had mine when I read this post.
    Quote Originally Posted by pat fowles View Post
    I'd do some more research before you discount the school record. The school index is a historical document and not an assumption. Maybe you have misinterpreted the record. 'Other Schools Clarence' does not relate to the district of Rockingham. If you read up a bit more you will find it relates to the settlement of Clarence (near present day Woodman Point) where the ships passengers set up camp on arrival.
    Where does it name the two Tapper children on the ship?
    I knew there was something at the back of my mind going 'this is wrong' when I previously read this post, and Pat's reply clarified it for me.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeddah View Post
    Hi Christina,
    thanks for that. Already have the info regarding the school record. This has already proved to be incorrect and the Rockingham Historical Society were contacted some time ago and advised to amend their records. Ancestry were also contacted and asked to remove this record from their site. Nobody knows where this info came from, as there never was a school in Clarence in the 1830's. Assumptions made by someone and never verified!!!.. Thanks for replying though. Jeddah.
    And of course it's the fact that it's claimed the local Historical Society has got its records wrong. A mis-transcription of a name is possible (though I think most Societies insist on everything being double-checked before publication) but to say a whole record, produced locally, is wrong doesn't make sense.

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    You may have already seen this.
    The Friends of Battye Library has notes on the Tapper family including Lucy b1823, Cornelius b1825 and Frederick b1828 in the Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australia.

    It has Cornelius marrying Emma Pomeroy in 1845 and having a son and two daughters. Occupations Domestic servant 1845; Shoemaker, Perth 1849

    Frederick , various journeys recorded and a land purchase and sale in Perth
    Occupation Mason Perth 1862-1864; employed a T/L man 1864 at Swan District. Was a scholar at Frem.1834

    Lucy m 1844 Jacob Delmage

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    This gets more frustrating by the minute

    Western Australian Online Index
    Emma Pomeroy to Charles James Fox Registration district Perth
    registration number 133 Registration year 1845.
    This couple have 8 children registered between 1845 and 1862.

    Can't see any births, marriages or deaths for Cornelius. I tried using first name only, then surname only. No results.
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    Thanks everyone for sending information. Shall just have to keep searching for the original records of the agents Buckles & Bagster. Once again thanks. Jeddah.

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