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    Default pow camps ww2 grandad held by japanese

    I am researching my grandad edgar rhodes born 1915 bradford, yorkshire.
    Moved to Essex area and resided there until death.
    The only thing I have heard about his war service time is that he was evidently held captive at a prison of war camp by the Japanese. I don't know when or where, and I don't know when he was released, only that he was released and evidently could not walk as he was placed in a small area where he couldn't stand and he was very underweight.
    Is there a way I can find anything out about him.

    I do know other information as in marriages where he lived and so forth, but looking for war info.

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    I assume that he was a serviceman? Army?
    (The Japanese had many civilian prisoners as well).

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    Below is a link to the National Archives research guide which hopefully will help you:


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