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    Default How do you find siblings (if they exist)?

    Hello everyone,

    I'm only a few weeks into researching my family tree and there are so many questions on my dad's side. Unfortunately, I think I'll have to wait for the 1921 census for some of the answers as my nana (b 1893) & grandad (b 1908) led had colourful lives.
    After recently speaking to my cousin (b 1950)we have figured out that the timeline of their lives is interesting.

    My nana (Florence Holmes) was 15 years older than my grandad (Gorden Edwin Chandler) and got married in 1915 aged 22 to Vessey Robinson Grundy. They had a child in 1916 (George Vessey Grundy)but I can't find out anything else on the timeline until Florence & Gordon had my 2 aunties and my dad were born in 1928, 1929 & 1933.

    In 1941 Vessey R Grundy died leaving everything to my nana (Probate record) and in 1942 my grandad married Ivy and had 2 children (born 1945 & 1949) which I think maybe are still alive (so no names).

    My cousin says he has memories of older half-siblings (Ken & his twin?) but without the 1921 census I don't know where to look. Is there any way of finding out?

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    so if I've got this straight you think there are other children born to Vessey Robinson Grundy and Florence Holmes sometime between 1916 and 1928 ?

    using the Free BMD website you can find births to Grundy & Holmes born in that time period.

    if they were all born in the Grimsby area I think there might possibly be five (is that too many?)

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    Thank you wimsey! My cousin said he thought there were about 11 children 'altogether'! The 'families' were generally kept separate and I knew my dad had half-siblings but I'd only heard of the two later born ones who may still be living.
    I'll go and have a reverse search.

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    Most sites that use the Civil Registration Index for births will allow you to search for a particular surname and let you specify the mother's maiden name.

    For instance if I simply put in my surname "Roberts" you would be overwhelmed, but by putting in my mother's maiden name (which is a rare one) then only 4 entries, and they are me and my siblings.

    FreeBMD, Findmypast, the GRO's own site, and Ancestry all let you do it that way.

    A word of caution - if I have read your post correctly there were several relationships, and so if any of ladies had been married more than once ensure that you know the correct maiden name. It can be confusing because if a woman is widowed and then remarries usually the marriage index will show her married name rather than her maiden name.

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    Not sure if you have this, so in case not.

    3 Mar 1915, Lincoln St Botolph, Lincolnshire
    Vessey Robinson Grundy, Age:26, Single.
    Father James Grundy
    Florence Holmes age 21, Single,
    Father George Holmes

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    Thank you Megan, Until tonight I didn't know you could search with just the surnames of mother & father.
    I haven't yet found the birth certificate of my nana so I was wondering if Holmes was really her maiden name but with her being married at age 22 I assumed it was.
    This gives me more to work on... thank you!

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    Thank you Alma! I had found the marriage record but not with her father's name on it! (From FMP)
    I know where I'll be starting tomorrow!

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    I can see some of Florence's children on the 1939 register, have you found them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissingLincs View Post
    Thank you Alma! I had found the marriage record but not with her father's name on it! (From FMP)
    I know where I'll be starting tomorrow!
    I found the marriage on the Family Search site.

    I've now found Vessey Grundy on the 1939 register, also in the house is who appears to be his daughter, Florence Mary, born Aug 1918.

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    Not relevant to what you are asking for but I thought you may be interested.

    Louth and North Lincolnshire Advertiser 02 April 1910.


    On Monday last, Mr and Mrs Jas. Grundy celebrated the coming of age of their eldest son Mr Vessey Robinson Grundy, by giving a party. The young man received many useful presents grom relatives and friends.

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